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associated with the constellation Aquarius is that of Ganymede, son of Tros, King of Troy. Ganymede was an extremely handsome young m an, the most handsome the gods and goddesses had ever seen. While attending to his father’s flocks on Mount Ida, Ganymede caught the attention of Zeus. Zeus sent his messenger eagle, Aquila,   View Online   Down

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Pegasus is a constellation in the northern sky, named after the winged horse Pegasus in Greek mythology. It was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy, and remains one of the 88 modern constellations. It is one of the largest constellations in the sky. The constellation is known for the Great   View Online   Down

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Pegasus (constellation) - Wikipedia Pegasus is a constellation in the northern sky, named after the winged horse Pegasus in Greek mythology.It was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy, and is one of the 88 constellations recognised today..   View Online   Down

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Constellation Guide Book People like to look at the stars at night. They want to see the constellations. ... In Hindu mythology, the Aquila constellation is identified as Garuda, a ... Lacerta, Pegasus, Perseus, and Triangulum. MYTH Cetus represents the sea monster from the …   View Online   Down

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PEGASUS THE WINGED WHITE HORSE The ancient sign of the new millennium and new ... The only white horse in the sky is the constellation Pegasus. Therefore we should look for new activity in Pegasus as a sign. Discovery: ... The Muses are nine entities of mythology who lived on Mt Helicon the sacred Mountain of Apollo.   View Online   Down


In some cases, there is no mythology associated with the constellation. Roman and Greek names for the Olympians and Titans are used interchangeably since the stories are often told in both forms. Table I lists the Roman name and equivalent Greek name for each character discussed. ... to...   View Online   Down

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Pegasus, the white winged stallion with a mane of gold, is the most famous of all legendary horses, in myths or fairy tales. The horse is a symbol of intuition, and of the instincts, the unseen and unconscious forces which carry us through life, but Pegasus, because he can soar up into the skies,   View Online   Down

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