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INDEX . The Complete Set of Client Handouts and Worksheets from ACT books by Russ Harris . ACT Made Simple. 3 . Your Values 3 . Dissecting the Problem 4 . The Life Compass 5 . The Problems and Values Worksheet 6 . ... Overcoming FEAR – 2 19 . The Willingness and Action Plan 20 .   View Online   Down

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What’s something you can do to feel better next time you are afraid?   View Online   Down

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worksheets on the following pages to "plug in" this process and let loose of your fear or limiting belief. 1) Identify a fearful thought or limiting belief that is particularly stressful or judgmental for you. Fears & Limiting Beliefs...   View Online   Down

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Worry, Fear, and Anxiety Objective To identify ways to deal with worry, fear, and anxiety ... friends or adults, being assertive, reading pertinent self-help books or articles, setting goals, or seeing a counselor. ... Goals Worksheets (Handout 29) Procedure 1.   View Online   Down


of Fear Ladders for some ideas on building your fear ladder. If you have a lot of different fears, build separate ladders for each fear theme. Each ladder should include a whole range of situations. The ladder should include some steps you can do now with mild anxiety, some that you can do   View Online   Down

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• You may notice reoccurring fear themes or fear symptoms, if you need further help addressing and overcoming these areas – I can help! Email me at – [email protected] . Title: Microsoft Word - Bust Through Fear Worksheet.docx Author: Deah Robinson Created Date:   View Online   Down

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Worksheets To Use With The Happiness Trap. The worksheets in this compilation are designed to be used in conjunction with The Happiness Trap. If you are working with a coach or therapist, they will probably want you to fill them in and   View Online   Down

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