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classify organisms into kingdoms. The student will clarify information about the six kingdoms by building graphic organizers using Six Kingdoms.pdf/236612262...   View Online   Down

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Food Webs & Interaction Webs Background information on food-getting by organisms: ... Green Autotroph/Producer Blue Herbivore Red Carnivore Purple Omnivore   View Online   Down


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autotroph heterotroph adenosine triphosphate (ATP) Reading Strategy: Asking Questions Before you read, study the diagram in Figure 8–3. Make a list of   View Online   Down

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NAME: _____ DATE: _____ Period: ... Autotroph 2. An idea that life can come from nonliving material ... Heterotroph 4. The process by which food is broken down into ... of life...   View Online   Down

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NNIN Nanotechnology Education ... Student Worksheet (with answers) ... 2. Would Elodea be considered an autotroph or heterotroph?   View Online   Down

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A plant is an autotroph, ... plant's leaves contain sugars made during photosynthesis. A caterpillar is a heterotroph, ... graphing worksheet, ...   View Online   Down

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Making your Energy Flow Foldable Step 5 ... Heterotroph, Primary Consumer, Secondary Consumer, Tertiary Consumer, Autotroph, …   View Online   Down

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An autotroph makes its own food (nourishment), while a heterotroph must get nourishment from other resources ... Mayeux/Biology/Study Guide Answers...   View Online   Down

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