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The use of Windows Live ID reduces and simplifies the number of log-ins that Partner’s need to remember in order to access Microsoft tools. Q. 8: ... A copy of the presentation of the Channel Incentives Platform training session can be requested from the Microsoft Partner Account Manager or Operations Account Manager.   View Online   Down

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Windows 2003 running IIS/SMTP relay (Windows 2000 is supported also) ‘Co-located’ CJSM server Examples of mail-point-of-entry servers that can support a SSL/TLS certificate are EXIM mail relay, Exchange, Notes or Groupwise, Trend Interscan.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Chapter 6 Lab A - Securing Layer 2 Switches Instructor Version

PC-A (Windows XP or Vista with a PuTTY SSH client and Wireshark) PC-B (Windows XP or Vista with a PuTTY SSH client and SuperScan) ... No, the Telnet session fails because only SSH is enabled as input for the vty lines. Step 3: Save the configuration. Save the running configuration to the startup configuration from the privileged EXEC prompt.   View Online   Down

doc ico  SSL VPN Documentation - User Guide - RBC

Error: “Session Cookie Could Not Be Set By The SSL VPN Server” ... (Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, MAC) What internet browser are you using? IE, Firefox, Safari etc. Screen shot below on where to look for this information. ... SSL VPN Documentation - User Guide ...   View Online   Down

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Windows 7 64x AGM and Dual Persona’s Outlook 2007, and 32Bit Mail Client After much teeth gnashing, some articles on, and some extra machines, It looks like I have found a fix for 64bit win 7 clients and dual persona’s.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Get Usage Logs from Azure Rights Management

A Windows PowerShell "module" is a package that contains Windows PowerShell commands, cmdlets, providers, functions, variables, and aliases. The Azure Rights Management Administration Module for Windows PowerShell is a separate installation package which includes cmdlets specifically designed for the Azure Rights Management service tenant-based ...   View Online   Down


For details of what is happening to a FTP session, see under view, ftp log then click on view full log FAQ: The rainfall totals do not match my weather station Weather Display keeps its rain totals separate from the weather station , which makes it more flexiable for rain reset times, rain reset month, etc.   View Online   Down

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Windows, Linux, and Mac. 4. iPad / Citrix Receiver v4.2.2 (current version as of 1/13/2011) 6. Smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile based) 6. ... The Citrix client will update the browser files to automatically launch your Citrix session, instead of prompting you to identify or save the .ica file. Access Guide.doc   View Online   Down

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Workaround: The console session no longer exists in Windows Server 2008. Use of the /console switch will be ignored, and the behavior is the same as a simple Remote Desktop task. Known Issue: Behavior for accessing the console session of Windows Server 2003 has changed.   View Online   Down

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Operations Run Book for Enter Client’s Name Here ... Scheduled Maintenance Windows 17. Change Control Board 17. Decision Categories 17 ... You can clear the pagefile at shutdown by editing the Registry Key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management and changing the data value of the ClearPageFileAtShutdown value ...   View Online   Down

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