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If you have questions about your rating decision you can always go to your local Veterans Service Organization (VSO), sit down with a representative at your local VA office, or call the VA National Call Center at 800-827-1000.   View Online   Down

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The ACCC continued its scam disruption project (commenced in August 2014) to stop potential scam victims from sending more money to scammers. The project uses financial intelligence to identify Australians sending funds to West African nations and advising them they may have been targeted by a scam. 120654 Acccount - 1 April...   View Online   Down

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Criminal charges regarding flu pandemic as a biological weapon with intent to produce genocide. ... Lowell had 123 students call in sick Monday and sent another 71 home with fevers and other flu-like symptoms, the representative said ... His mom took him for healthcare, and he recovered swiftly. The Financial Times . timeline.   View Online   Down

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This damage could happen to one's house, for example, if a vehicle actually struck the building. But the coverage also applies to one's personal property inside of an automobile. Hence, if one's skis were destroyed in an auto-accident, the homeowner's policy, not the PAP, would cover the loss. Course 1 - 15 PC 8 LH 1...   View Online   Down

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This resource guide is created to provide general resources and self-help information for older Americans that are transitioning to community living and to work, family members, caregivers, guardians, and advocates/representatives for older individuals with disabilities.   View Online   Down

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Call banks, finance companies, credit unions, and other direct lending sources to find the lowest APR. This rate will vary based on whether you plan to purchase a new or a used car, and the loan term (for example, 24, 48, 60 or more months) requested.   View Online   Down

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House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry, a Texas Republican, told reporters 5 OCT that deadly military mishaps are “increasing” and “alarming.” “America’s military is in a readiness crisis, and that crisis is costing lives,” Thornberry said in an August statement.   View Online   Down

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FSR call for Booker commentary 32. Parsing the latest crime stats 33. BALCO defendants sentenced 33. October 18, 2005 34 ... In an announcement ceremony that already suggests that the White House has a better handle on the latest SCOTUS political realities, President Bush's introduction of Sam Alito emphasized his experience and spotlighted ...   View Online   Down

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In this case, the crime cost taxpayers $2.6 million,” said John Stuart Bruce, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of North Carolina. Das was indicted on April 5, …   View Online   Down


parents about child development and milestones during enrollment, parent meetings, PC meetings, workshops, home visits, back to school/open house events and via print materials such as At Home Links, curriculum enhancement calendars, parent handbooks … 17...   View Online   Down

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Thus, its fragile, limited social security cannot support the general mass with affordable healthcare, basic schooling, aging care, yet ironically, your administration still call itself a socialist country.   View Online   Down

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In order for the WGHR Stakeholders’ report to reflect the current human rights challenges in the country as precisely as possible, WGHR held a series of five regional consultations with civil society actors across India from 28 August to 28 September 2011.   View Online   Down

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House arrest encompassed varying degrees of stringency but sometimes included complete isolation in one's home or another location under lock and guard. In some cases house arrest involved constant monitoring, but persons under house arrest were occasionally permitted to leave the home to …   View Online   Down


united way info*line call requests Local Strategies Supporting AoA Program Goals and State Strategies AoA Program Goal # 1: Increase the number of older people who have access to an integrated array of health and social supports.   View Online   Down

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