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Odessa State Farm agent Barry Smith said the ISO's protection class rating is a "big thing." "It makes the rates go down," Smith said. "Due to the efforts of the fire department, they got the protection class changed in Odessa, which amounts to a lowering of premiums of about $100 a year, and in some instances, $150, depending on the amount of ...   View Online   Down

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SECTION 20: TRAVEL ASSISTANCE. 111. 20.1 In-State Travel 111. 20.1-A In-State Travel Assistance Requests 114. 20.2 Out-Of-State Travel 114. ... Providers must then associate themselves with the clearing house vendor as the billing agent through the CHAMPS Provider Enrollment subsystem. 11.1 The mihealth Card.   View Online   Down

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(a) Upon the request of a patient or authorized agent of a patient, a dentist shall promptly release to the patient or his or her authorized agent legible and accurate copies of all records of the patient regardless of how they are generated or maintained.   View Online   Down

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II Obligations of the Agent 195. III Obligations of the Principal 197. IV Right of Retention 200. ... II Obligations of a Travel Agency 221. ... CIVIL OBLIGATIONS ACT. Part I. GENERAL PART. Title I. BASIC PRINCIPLES. Purpose and Scope of the Law. Article 1.   View Online   Down

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In those days we will remember reading about deals that were undertaken in the corporate world, focusing on increasing black shareholding and board representation. ... This is the information that you will need to keep a record of in order to show a Verification Agent when they come to carry out a verification. This is not an exhaustive list ...   View Online   Down

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The Veterans Benefits Administration Program Guide 21-2 has been updated and totally replaces and . rescinds. the prior, undated version. Regulatory Amendment Explanations 3-99-6 to 3-01-11 are added to bring Part 3 of the guide up-to-date. Regulatory Amendment Explanation 4-01-1 is also added to bring Part 4 of the guide up-to-date.   View Online   Down


2. This program is based on projected volumes and travel data provided by the Client and is based on existing average airline ticket prices, class of service, current travel industry wide commission program and existing supplier deals, if any. Services Agreement.doc   View Online   Down

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Biochar - Biochar will be marketed as a soil amendment, fuel source for heat and power and as a potential carbon sequestration agent. Fuel uses of biochar include combustion in furnaces and boilers and co-firing with coal as a renewable fuel in existing power plants.   View Online   Down

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Also, the contract specialist serves as the principal business advisor and principal agent for the government, and is responsible for developing the solicitation, conducting the source selection process and managing the resultant contract.   View Online   Down

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If your firm deals only with entities that are exempt from the definition of “customer,” describe how your firm will confirm and document that the entities are exempt. ... branch or office of a bank located outside the U.S. The term does not include an agent, agency, branch or office within the U.S. of a bank organized under foreign law ...   View Online   Down

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