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That log cabin belonged to my Great Grandfather, Parley Austin. Parley was my Grandmother Brown’s father. She was born in that log cabin. So my roots run way back in the history of Lehi. Some of my most vivid memories include the following: The State Bank of Lehi   View Online   Down

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Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire. Hard Drive - Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire. by James Wallace & Jim Erickson Drive - Bill Gates...   View Online   Down

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Hwy, Grafton, VA 23692 (757)898-4816 200 Kids & Co. II 4316 George Washington Highway, Grafton, VA 23692 (757)989-5437 120 Little Log Cabin Child Care & Learning Center 8640 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Yorktown, VA 23692 (804)890-3002 140 St. Luke's Methodist Church 300 Ella Taylor Road, Yorktown, VA 23692 (757)898-3017 54 St. Mark ...   View Online   Down

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He complained that there was a great desertion of the Indians; that only 67 remained of Capt. Bull's 200. On taking Ft Narhantes, "head Town of ye Tuscaruros," on Jan. 30, 1712, he and his men were greatly surprised and puzzled to find within two log houses much stronger than the outer fort.   View Online   Down

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607-269-0101 [email protected] December 7th 2014: Basquiat, Medical, Hemingway, etc. Lot # Lot Description Low   View Online   Down

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Publication Name . Top of Form. Frequency . Bottom of Form. State Circulation Anchorage Daily News Daily AK 69,990 Capital City Weekly Weekly AK 20,000 Chilkat Valley News Weekly AK 1,100 Clarion Dispatch Weekly AK 10,000 Eagle Eye Weekly AK 1,500 Mukluk News Weekly AK 700 Nome Nugget Weekly AK 6,000 Petersburg Pilot Weekly AK 1,600 Sourdough Sentinel Weekly AK 8,100 The Skagway News Weekly AK ...   View Online   Down

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Abbott, Zelora E. (BC); ca. 1850 / ; La Paz, IN addr. Annual (1884) 23. Abe, Leroy James, Jr. (CB); 7-28-1946 / ; ord. 6-15-1975 Painesville, OH: Lombard, IL, UCC ...   View Online   Down

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Noah was one of the first settlers of the Boquet Valley in Elizabethtown, Essex, NY and owned a gristmill on Cole’s Bay. A Captain Rogers wanted a gristmill, so Noah traded Rogers the grist mill for Lots #11 and 12 in the valley containing 400 acres. After Noah obtained a deed, he moved into the valley and built a log house on west Lot #11.   View Online   Down

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Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009 – 1. Tag – Greeley, Colorado. Abfahrt von Zuhause im Bayerischen Wald um 7.30 Uhr. Axel kam schon gestern zu uns, übernachtete und nach einem guten Frühstück starteten wir pünktlich zum Park-Service-Huber, wo das Auto während unserer Tour sicher untergebracht ist.   View Online   Down

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The Farmers National Bank was built in 1906, at 9 N. Main Street, in the flat-iron building (a style rare in New Jersey). Several years after the stock market crash of 1929, Morgan Buckalew, a Farmers National Bank employee who lived at 133 S. Main Street (Morgan Buckalew House), stole $60,000 from the bank on a Friday night, and absconded ...   View Online   Down

doc ico  Abendanon, Abrahams, Affourtit, Aletrino, Alexander ... ARQUIVO 11 DE PESQUISAS GENEALÓGICAS. 253 PÁGINAS – MÉDIA DE 81.400 SOBRENOMES/OCORRÊNCIA. Para pesquisar, utilize a ferramenta EDITAR/LOCALIZAR do WORD. - buscapronta 11 gen.doc   View Online   Down

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