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Congress, I am here because they do need my help, especially the colleges. In this year alone, there is a Government cut to funding of 24% on top of previous cuts. There are also 4,500 jobs in the FE sector at risk as the Tories push colleges to financial instability and force them to merge. 2015 CONGRESS...   View Online   Down

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c)The temple veil was torn from top to bottom by unseen hands (Matt. 27:51) b.The supernatural aspect of the death of Jesus was the fact that it occurred to a divine being 1)This gives the death of Jesus a unique status in all of human history 101 - The Person and Work of Christ...   View Online   Down

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A sheet, then a thin blanket and then a thicker blanket or doona on top of the bed lets you throw off the heavier top layers if you don't need them (that minute!) (HUMMINGBIRD) ... EFT and so on, see the new The Lightning Process scam page. Email to fellow group member about coping with M.E., from Aylwin (long-time M.E. patient) November 2009 ...   View Online   Down

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All of you are the very best, the top of the list, when it comes to your chosen area of expertise. The small graduating classes here at NYCPA are small for a reason. There are very few of you with the skills and talent it takes to do what you do. Be very proud, but above all, do …   View Online   Down


Thus, the end of the most expensive international political scam ever, bogus “scientific” accusations that mankind is causing what they mistakenly identify as “global warming” instead of global climate change, which is a natural geologic occurrence that only nature controls.   View Online   Down

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The top Oceanus pages seem to be driven by the homepage banners. Although the "Going Wireless" story didn't make it to the top 5, it was a very close 6. The only top pages NOT on the whoi home page this month is the photo gallery and the Oceanus home page. Maybe I should limit this to the top five articles, and drop the home page.   View Online   Down

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Learn how to guard against scam artists, identity thieves, predatory lenders, and abusive debt collectors. QuickBooks 2011 for Contractors. Learn to use QuickBooks 2011 in your construction contracting business to manage invoicing and costs, keep on top of time tracking, generate powerful reports, and maximize efficiencies.   View Online   Down

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ix COI Reports are published regularly on the top 30 asylum intake countries. Reports on countries outside the top 30 countries may also be published if there is a particular operational need. UKBA officials also have constant access to an information request service for specific enquiries.   View Online   Down

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Inspectors at the Miami ISC coordinated a postal security review in La Paz, Bolivia, on behalf of the Postal Service’s office of Global Business Operations. The review was in response to a request from the director general of the Bolivian Post to resume previously suspended parcel service from the …   View Online   Down

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SCAM ALERT- There is a man who goes by the name of Wayne Swain or Wayne Privett approaching neighbors about tree removal. His scam is to claim a well known service has gone out of business and he is taking over their clients.   View Online   Down

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The most compelling of these cooking competitions, in terms of ratings and zeitgeist, have been Top Chef, which wraps up its second season tomorrow night, and Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen on Fox. Top Chef, from the creators of Project Runway, offers a …   View Online   Down

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The name stuck. Rhode Island used that royal charter as its governing document until 1843. ... The economy shrank at a 6.1 percent annualized pace in the first three months of this year, on top of a 6.3 percent decline in the final three months of last year, the worst six-month performance in 50 years.   View Online   Down

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New Delhi, Feb 24 (PTI) A Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe the 2G spectrum allocation issue, being dubbed by the opposition as the biggest scam in independent India, was set up today amid charges and countercharges between the Government and the Opposition. COUNTRY BRIEF...   View Online   Down

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Counter-culture movements are an important ingredient for historical change, and they are usually catalysts for that change. Revolutionary Paris was an ideal setting for a new evolution in counter-culture: Bohemianism . Basically every counter-culture movement in history follows a certain cycle.   View Online   Down

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