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The fear of the unknown future developing into a dystopia in the rule of a totalitarian state with technological advancements. ... The legacy of the Manhattan Project: An atomic creation that left the world with biased opinions and unsettled disputes ... Love & relationships through wartime in A Farewell to Arms and For Whom the Bell Tolls ...   View Online   Down

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Panama tolls dispute - Dispute over canal toll charge between the United States and Panama. 1061. Colonel House - He was openly pro-British and was sent to Europe by Wilson to mediate. ... Manhattan Project - A secret United States project for the construction of the atomic bomb. ... Young Iranian militants broke into the U.S. Embassy in Tehran ... 1001...   View Online   Down

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Transportation resolves itself into the simple expedient of standing by the roadside with outstretched thumb. The inhabitants are very dirty, light-fingered, and generally disagreeable to the five senses, albeit professing friendship.   View Online   Down

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Death in Assam tolls up to 9855 people due to militancy. ... when three hijacked planes crashed into Manhattan's landmark 'World Trade Center'. The inhuman act of terrorism sent the world shivering, as the world wake up to this event of crime against human race. ... and caused the collapse of the trade centers towers, killing all inside the sky ... News/2001/09-2001.doc   View Online   Down

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Homeseekers are pouring into the city today, colonists’ rates having been placed on sale in eastern cities on the 15th. As the great majority is destined for California, the outgoing trains for the west are heavily loaded, too. 14 Years Ago Today. February 18, 1906.   View Online   Down

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That will turn into the NY State Thruway at the state line. Take the Harriman exit (50 cents) and follow the signs to WP. Until you get off the Thruway, it is all interstate-type driving.   View Online   Down

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Manhattan Project – led by Robert Oppenheimer (scientist) & Gen. Leslie Groves (military) leads to Trinity test and atomic bombs (Little Boy & Fat Man) dropped by planes (Enola Gay & Bocks Car respectively) in August.   View Online   Down

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Manhattan, Kansas (1940) Young Walt Ehlers decided to join the Army and entered military service on October 4, 1940. His older brother Roland decided to join with him, and so it was that both men found themselves training for war in the Pacific when Pearl Harbor was attacked.   View Online   Down

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The launch of Sputnik in 1957 allowed for the mounting of cameras on orbiting spacecraft and, initially, satellite imagery was used only for government and military issues such as monitoring enemy bases and tracking meteorological issues.   View Online   Down

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Jane Addams was born (September 6, 1860) into an Illinois farm family with farm values, and while she appreciated those values, she embraced urban, industrial values as well. a. Her father, John Addams, was a miller and businessman.   View Online   Down

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Last night an army plane, on acct. of darkness and fog, crashed into the 58th floor of the Bank of Manhattan Bldg on Wall St., N.Y., killing all five of the occupants, one of them a WAC. Too bad. Had a good many visitors today—one of them D. Elmer Ward of Ft. Myer—a very fine young lawyer who was in the Service during the war.   View Online   Down

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Most importantly, recent American airstrikes in Mosul, Aleppo and Raqqa which are supposedly aimed at stopping ISIS, have brought about large civilian death tolls. Resistance 15D3 Syria...   View Online   Down

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The Ships of War of both Countries, respectively, shall have the liberty to enter freely and touch at all such Ports in each Country, into which the Ships of War of any other Nation are permitted to enter; subject, however, to the Regulations, Laws, and Statutes of the respective Countries.   View Online   Down


Guidebook for Integrating Freight into Transportation Planning and Project Selection Process. NCHRP Report 594. 3. Guidebook for Mitigating Fixed-Route Bus and Pedestrian Collisions. 4. New Ideas for Transit 2008. 4. Points of Pride FY 2007. 4. Southern Nevada Air Quality Study – Final Report. 5. Toolkits/The Six...   View Online   Down

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