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The role focuses on defining and managing the supply chain function to becoming a High Performing Organisation. This will involve managing the key performance indicators for supply chain, as well as the required processes, policies, procedures, systems and tools and organisational capabilities to achieve these improvements.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Value chain of Fish and Fishery products: Origin ...

The chain consists of a series of activities that create and build value. Value chain analysis describes the activities that take place in fishery businesses and relates them to an analysis of the competitive strength of the business. An introductory note brings the idea of supply chain and value chain of fish and fishery products.   View Online   Down

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The SCOR model is developed by Supply Chain Council to provide basic guidelines to enhance the performance of a firm’s supply chain. The SCOR model presents the process-based assessment in four areas: Plan, Source, Make, and Deliver. supply...   View Online   Down

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The Supply Chain Strategy. Supply chain strategy is based on the idea that members of the chain, working as a coordinated unit, will gain competitive advantage. Supply Chain Management. This process looks at the supply chain as a whole in order to improve the overall flow through a system composed of companies working together.   View Online   Down

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Job Title: Supply Chain Manager. Reporting to: Head of ESF (Skills) Role Overview: To performance manage and coordinate the supply chain (including sub-contractors and specialist providers) for the ESF contracts (or as directed by the Director) within the Ixion Group of Companies to ensure company targets are met, evidence and quality compliance is achieved and contract profiles and ...   View Online   Down

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Week 3 Study Guide: Supply Chain Design. Readings and Key Terms. Ch. 8 of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Capacity planning. Performance dashboard. Ch. 11 of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Strategic sourcing. Vendor managed inventory. Bullwhip effect. Functional products. Innovative products. Outsourcing. Logistics. Total cost ...   View Online   Down

doc ico  Chapter 16 Integrating supply chain and logistic management

1. aligning a supply chain with marketing strategy (flows from defined MS)- 3 steps. a. understand the customer –identify needs of segment, (low price ) help define the importance of efficiency and responsiveness in meeting consumer requirements. b. understand the supply chain-understand what a supply chain is designed to do. 16.doc   View Online   Down

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The Criteria are used to assess an organization's performance, helping the organization identify its strengths, opportunities for improvement, and gaps/blind spots. ... improve its supply chain. Explanation of how AARP used the Baldrige Criteria to . improve its voice of the customer strategy.   View Online   Down


The goal of this course is to cover not only high-level supply chain strategy and concepts, but also to give students a solid understanding of the analytical tools, to understand supply chain design, planning, and operation driven the performance of a firm.   View Online   Down

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Key takeaway: Supply chain professionals perceive key words and phrases that will motivate consumers for adopt high performance windows include: save energy, tax credits, energy efficiency, rebates, save costs, save energy, and Low-E. High Performance Windows Supply...   View Online   Down

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7. Customers want companies to use the value chain and supply chain to deliver ever improving levels of performance regarding four key success factors: a. Cost and efficiency—Companies face continuous pressure to reduce the cost of the products or services they sell.   View Online   Down

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The primary research stream focuses on sustainable supply chain management. This research stream encompasses ethical issues in buyer-supplier relationships, environmental supply management, diversity sourcing, perceptions of opportunism in supply chain relationships, and the broader, integrative concepts of social responsibility and sustainability.   View Online   Down

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Concepts in supply chain management and its role in global markets. Coverage focuses on analyzing supply chains, creating supplier networks, and evaluating the performance of a supply chain, with consideration of the role of information technology, ERP, e-procurement, e …   View Online   Down

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To summarize, optimization technology offers great promise for improving a manufacturer's supply chain performance. But understanding it will take a great deal of work and great effort on the part of users. AMR expects, however, that its use in supply chain planning will continue to grow, since the benefits should far outweigh the efforts.   View Online   Down

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