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CALIFORNIA UNIFIED. CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (CUCP) NAICS Codes. The California Unified Certification Program adopted the 2002 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), an updated federal classification system, on October 27, 2003. Please indicate below areas of expertise that you prefer to perform in order of importance.   View Online   Down

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(Bennett Decl. at 2, 5; Deposition of Mary Ann Bennett, attached as Ex. B, 33:11-13.) Second, the County sought to protect the jobs of 40 County employees – as opposed to maintaining jobs at the RSTs – who were originally given layoff notices for reduction in other County departments.   View Online   Down

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Note: This is a complete application package for the Cooperative Civic Education and Economic Education Exchange Program Grant Competition. The package contains all of the information, application forms, and instructions needed to apply for this grant.   View Online   Down


Jeff Tittel, N.J. Sierra Club, New Jersey Chapter. James E. Ralston, New York Department of Environmental Conservation. The timely submitted comments and the Department’s responses are summarized below. The number(s) in parentheses after each comment identifies the respective commenter(s) listed above.   View Online   Down

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Based on information from the SFRPD and our consultation history, no management changes or restoration programs are anticipated to be implemented solely as a result of the critical habitat designation. Therefore, restoration jobs and business opportunities are not estimated in this analysis.   View Online   Down

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land features ( i.e. Sierra Madre mountains, Baja Peninsula, Yucatan Peninsula, and Ring of Fire) water features (i.e. Gulf of Mexico) Central America. land features (i.e. Ring of Fire) water features (i.e. Panama Canal) South America . land features (i.e. Andes Mountains, Amazon, and Galapagos Islands, and Ring of Fire) water features (i.e ...   View Online   Down


The worst statistics for infant mortality are experienced unfortunately in developing countries such as Sierra Leone, Nigeria, the republic of Central Africa and Mali. ... measures to promote growth and jobs and many others). ... 1992 Total e-mails 1984 Total cellular phones 1975 Total air travel 1971 Total international telephone calls One day ...   View Online   Down

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CHAPTER 3: CRITIQUES OF COLLABORATION. Although many individuals, organizations and agencies involved in the natural resource management field support increased public participation, the ascent of community-based collaborative partnerships raises important questions about the appropriate roles of citizens, agencies, industries and interest groups in environmental decision-making. 1- background intro...   View Online   Down

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In the Sierra Club, mountain climbing traditionally has been regarded as the core of the Club’s identity, the core of its recreational activities. Longtime national Sierra Club leader David Brower put it well, discussing the conflict in the 1980s and 90s over mountaineering insurance: It is not variety that is the spice of life.   View Online   Down


Unit I. Administrative Supervision: Supervisor as Manager. Curriculum Acknowledgements. Curriculum Author: Charmaine Brittain, MSW, Ph.D. ... or telephone: (650) 969-8901, toll free: (800) 624-1765. ... John Defore and Sierra Babbitt should have had a face-to-face contact by 2/01/07 and 2/02/07. So they are about 6 weeks past due. Supervisor New...   View Online   Down

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Sierra Leone Vision 2025 recognises that in spite of this appalling state of human development, Sierra Leone has tremendous potential for raising the quality of life of its entire peoples. The aspirations and the strategic analysis undertaken led to the formulation of a national vision for Sierra Leone.   View Online   Down

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The Sierra Consolidated Mines company, of Duluth, Minn., capitalized at $5,000,000, organized by Thos. F. Cole and Jos. B. Cotton, of Duluth, has put 200 men to work in development at Ocampo, Chihuahua. All dogs must be muzzled and tagged with licenses today or the dog catchers will hustle them off to the pound.   View Online   Down

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Consultative assistance is provided to employers through on-site visits, telephone support, publications and educational outreach. ... Liens are sometimes used to document recoverable (non-medical) costs, e.g., photocopying of medical records, interpreters’ services and travel expenses. ... Note: This table does not include Sierra HCO shown ...   View Online   Down

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Tasked background jobs scheduled to run on the Forum Server incorporate elements from the VistA Interface Engine (VIE) and AITC. VIE is expected to report the number of batches received per site, and AITC is expected to report the number of batches received and a total of all appointments received.   View Online   Down

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