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The BLC’s mission was to offer financial and spirit-based support to the Division-1 hockey team, which included activities such as supplying nutritional drinks for the team and organizing and hosting the end-of-season team banquet and awards ceremony. PROCEEDINGS SFCR_2016.doc   View Online   Down

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The calls allegedly made by McVeigh were to stores that sell racing fuel and ammonium-nitrate. McVeigh’s fingerprint is allegedly on a receipt for ammonium-nitrate. And a small trace of ammonium-nitrate was allegedly found at the scene.   View Online   Down

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Roberta also reported that the invoice from UND has been rec’d to renew our hockey tickets and indicated that we have the option to request different seats and it was agreed that Roberta will request different seats. Motion to approve by Mark Dragich, 2nd by Tony Weber.   View Online   Down

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Drawing for UND Hockey tickets: Friday-Jim Enright, Saturday-Nick Bowen Motion to adjourn by Randy Galstad, 2nd by Janna Swanson Next Meeting November 14th 8:00 at the American Legion Club.   View Online   Down

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Knocking on doors, trying to sell season tickets and program advertising was out of the question last month when it would normally by in full swing. It was understandable that revenues slowed to a trickle.   View Online   Down

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und dann das Vergnügen. ein weiser Mann a wise man. auf der ganzen Welt in the whole world Kapitel 10A: Sport. das Abitur final examination (in Gymnasium) basteln to do crafts. das Eishockey ice hockey. das Golf golf. Rad fahren to ride a bike. Schlittschuh laufen to ice skate. der Ski, -er ski. die Sportart, -en type of sport   View Online   Down

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The most exciting game in hockey, was Harvard versus Yale. ... Eighty students came to the dance but only seventy-four tickets were collected at the door. Can you account for this discrepancy? ... Und,Unda-wave,flow. Our nation abounds in opportunities for well-educated young men and women.词汇/10days...   View Online   Down

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