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Promote transparency of safety protocols. ... Rapid Response Team. Security Event. Stroke Team. Support Team. Utility Outage. ... VP - Nursing and Clinical Services. References. Institute of Medicine (2001). Crossing the quality chasm: a new health care system for the 21st century. ISBN: 0-309-07280-8.   View Online   Down

doc ico  1 Defining the Mission - Caltrans

• Evacuating the elderly and/or persons with disabilities to or from nursing home, or other care facilities • Other, as determined by agency management and/or the Incident Commander (IC). 3. The determination of the transit agency’s response will be made by the Incident Commander in conjunction with the agency director or his/her designee.   View Online   Down

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For instance, rapid operational and logistical response may be the overwhelming need, so all staff are focused on achieving that outcome under the direct guidance of the Incident Commander. The use of this rapid response mode is only possible because the DOC is staffed by just a few, experienced responders.   View Online   Down


The TST must be given and read by a nurse per Kentucky Board of Nursing. Educate on signs and symptoms of active TB disease, risk factors for Latent TB Infection (LTBI), and risk factors for rapid progression from LTBI to active TB disease. Two-step TST: If first step TST is positive, consider the person infected.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Planning for pandemic influenza is critical for ensuring a ...

Long-term care facilities are accustomed to responding to yearly seasonal influenza outbreaks and have protocols in place to manage these. An influenza pandemic has greater potential to cause rapid increases in illness and death than virtually any other natural health threat. LTC Pandemic Plan MHCA...   View Online   Down

doc ico  PLANNING RESOURCES – Critical Benchmark #2: Surge Capacity ...

1. Develop models for pre-hospital and hospital protocols, which address children and other special populations. 2. Plan to develop response activities to address special needs populations to include children. 3. Plans to produce two 15 minute videos for distribution to all Nebraska hospitals.   View Online   Down

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At the VHK there is a Rapid Response Team, who respond to 2222 / medical emergency & cardiac arrest calls. There is a SOP which outlines this procedure. In the event of a sudden collapse or patient deterioration the nursing staff and medical staff available will initiate assessment treatment and resuscitation as per NHS Fife Resuscitation policy.   View Online   Down

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Agency nursing staff will be knowledgeable in administering Rapid HCV Testing. Rapid HCV Testing will be performed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and the protocol written for the machine.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Non-emergency patient transport: Clinical practice protocols

The Department of Health has approved these clinical practice protocols for use by non‑emergency patient transport (NEPT) providers for the triage and care of patients during patient transfers. In addition, these protocols outline the scope of practice for first aid services at public events by NEPT providers.   View Online   Down

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4.8 The paediatrician should contact the police (if not already in attendance), the coroner, and the specialist nurse on duty for the rapid response (service available in working hours only). Contact details are given in appendix 5. The nursing team will notify the designated paediatrician for unexpected child deaths.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Introduction - Washington State Military Department

Inpatient nursing care activated in response to a significant loss of regional inpatient capacity, a surge in the number of patients with illnesses or injuries due to a disaster that cannot be accommodated by existing healthcare infrastructure, or a combination of both. 100, 150 or 200 inpatient beds made available depending on the need, plus ...   View Online   Down

doc ico  Executive Orders - Louisiana

Program—the Governor's Economic Development Rapid Response Program that is undertaken and administered, overseen or supervised by LED, pursuant to these rules and an award agreement with the applicant after becoming an award recipient that serves the purposes of obtaining or retaining an Economic Development Project.   View Online   Down


Statistics on ED Physician Response Times (if response is from outside the hospital) Performance Improvement Committee minutes and documents. Prehospital Education: Have a log available at the visit that includes date, topic, speaker and attendance for MD, RN, and EMS. Trauma...   View Online   Down

doc ico  Advanced Life Support Protocols -

Remember, should situations arise which conflict directly with your standing orders and protocols, consult the on-line medical control physician for appropriate response. Under such circumstances, it is preferable to have the on-line medical control physician speak directly to the physician at the scene.   View Online   Down

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