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See the definition of “restricted document” in section 40E(4) of the Prison Act 1952 and para 3.5 of this instruction for further information. (b) Transmits, or causes to be transmitted any image or any sound or information from inside a prison by electronic communications for simultaneous reception outside the …   View Online   Down

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Definition of Prison. Prison traditionally defined as a place in which persons are kept in custody pending trial, or in which they are confined as punishment after conviction (Encyclopedia Americana). Jail is an institution for the confinement of persons convicted of major crimes or felonies. Items/Publications/Reports of the LJCP/reports...   View Online   Down


before the presiding officer of a disciplinary hearing in terms of Schedule 2 to the Employment of Educators Act, 1998 (Act No. 76 of 1998), for the purpose of giving evidence regarding the following misconduct: and to submit the following book, document or object in your possession, custody or control, which may have a bearing on the matter; OF...   View Online   Down

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The statement of charges and notice shall be served upon the licensee or permittee at least 20 days before the date fixed for hearing, either personally or by registered or certified mail sent to his or her last known physical home or office address or post-office address, or any combination of them.   View Online   Down

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A producer shall report any criminal prosecution taken in any jurisdiction within 30 days of the initial pretrial hearing date. The report must include the legal order, relevant court documents and original complaint. ... A state may request a statement from the applicant’s probation officer or other appropriate official. ... The definition ...   View Online   Down

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Since that time, the hospital has grown into a 347-bed regional acute care, tertiary referral center, specializing in heart care, cancer care, spine care, multi-organ transplantation, and the treatment of ear and hearing disorders.   View Online   Down

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will probably not agree on the definition of the element, on whether the facts fit within. the element (i.e., within the definition), or both. 6.11. The two components of a comprehensive statement of a legal issue are: a brief quote from the element in contention. several of the important facts relevant to that contention. 6.12.   View Online   Down

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no specific legal definition of stalking. However, for police and prosecutors it is helpful to know that in cases of stalking there is a pattern of unwanted, fixated and obsessive behaviour which is intrusive. ... The prosecutor will, if appropriate, ask the court to delay any hearing to enable this to be done. ... of the restraining order and ...   View Online   Down

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during disciplinary hearing . Sasko (Pty) Ltd v Buthelezi & others (1997) 18 ILJ 1399 (LC) ... work permit fell within the statutory definition . of " employee" ... on probation did not relieve the employer of the obligation to follow . a . fair procedure.   View Online   Down

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The simple average rate on Agriculture (WTO definition) is 16.5 percent . The Gambia has drawn up ambitious plans for agricultural development with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and International Fund for Agricultural Assistance (IFAD) assistance, including water, forestry and fisheries management, improvement of food processing ...   View Online   Down

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Director of Probation Review and Organisational Restructuring. p.p. Digby Griffith. ... SECTION 2: DEFINITION OF SECURITY CATEGORIES. ... 5.8 A prisoner’s recategorisation review must not be withheld or delayed to await the outcome of a parole hearing. To do so could be construed as unfairly jeopardising the prisoner’s chances of parole ...   View Online   Down

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A court hearing in which a determination is made whether a child is a CINC (child in need of care) or juvenile offender. ... The definition of what constitutes membership in a tribe varies from tribe to tribe, and final determination of membership lies with the tribe. ... The probation officer has the authority to dismiss the case, place the ...   View Online   Down

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Know, Love, and Live. Our Catholic Faith. A Preparation for Confirmation . Based on the 1994 Catechism of the Catholic Church. Catechist Version. Jan’12   View Online   Down

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