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road-making appliances, snowmobiles, or tracked vehicles or electric personal assistive mobility devices. (2) “Retailer” means a person engaged in the retail sale of new tires for motor vehicles or a person engaged in the retail sale of new motor vehicles for …   View Online   Down

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Abandoned vehicles, apparently abandoned vehicles, and inoperable vehicles cause a shortage of parking spaces, create an eyesore, and may interfere with access to a building during emergencies. Items may be left at the Manzanar Cemetery and Memorial and will be treated in. accordance with the Manzanar Cemetery Management Plan.   View Online   Down

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An output measure describes goods or services produced and the actual level of activity recorded or effort realized. Examples include numbers of vehicles repaired or direct labor hours worked. An efficiency measure is the ratio of outputs to inputs. Examples include cost per unit of usage and logistics footprint.   View Online   Down

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Department of State Use Only. Filed with the Department of State on: Effective on: _____ Tre Hargett. Secretary of State Public Hearing Comments. One copy of a document containing responses to comments made at the public hearing must accompany the filing pursuant to T.C.A. § 4-5-222.   View Online   Down


Off-site Retail Stores are responsible for the sale of personal property declared surplus by their location following the guidelines stated herein, regulations and policies set forth for cash management established by your Agency’s Fiscal Office, North Carolina Office of the State Controller and the NC State Treasurer per NC G.S. 147-86.10.   View Online   Down

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Government Code Sections 14674-14675 authorizes the Director of DGS to approve the competitive sale, exchange, or interagency transfer of personal property owned by the state if such action is in the best interest of the state. Each department must receive approval from DGS Property Reutilization Unit, prior to disposing of surplus IT equipment. 2...   View Online   Down

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where d is the percentage of R that is annual qualified dividends and, thus, 1 – d is the percentage of R that is appreciation (i.e., unrealized gain) and taxed in year n (i.e., at sale Efficient Holdings REVISION...   View Online   Down

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(L) Procurement and maintenance of automotive vehicles used by DON; and (M) Lease (over 120 days) of automotive vehicles used by DON. (N) Construction, lease, purchase and/or installation of relocatable buildings, excluding trailers. Policy Memoranda/NMCARS-18-00.docx   View Online   Down


The Contractor shall provide the labor, vehicles, equipment, tools, materials, services, and quality control as needed to accomplish the specified work for this contract. Further, the Contractor shall provide the staff, supervision, technical support and personnel to accomplish the work under this contract.   View Online   Down

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