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doc ico  SALUD - NM Human Services Department

Managed Care was mandated by the NM Legislature in 1994, through passage of House Bill 702, which required HSD to have a managed care program in place for all Medicaid recipients by July 1, 1995. The transition to a risk-based managed care model was an intensive process in which the program was developed and new policies were established. For Information/General...   View Online   Down

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H Managed Care. I EIS ADHOC. K Web Based Functionality. L Internal Interface. M MAR. O Conversion. P Provider. ... This is the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) / Children's Medical Services (CMS) reviewer's code supplied to OmniCaid through the BCBS and CMS interfaces. ... 006 Fost Care Foster Care Child Protect Svcs FOSTER-CARE. Information...   View Online   Down


c. Outsourcing (contractor facility, contractor equipment or contractor staff) of systems or network operations, telecommunications services, or other managed services requires certification and accreditation (authorization) (C&A) of the contractor's systems in accordance with VA Handbook 6500.3, Certification and Accreditation and/or the VA ...   View Online   Down

doc ico  Section III All Provider Manuals -

The definition “...includes a claim with errors originating in a State’s claims system.” ... In addition, it supplies the provider with information regarding lien and IRS backup withholding payments which are made to lien holders by the MMIS during the current cycle and year-to-date. ... A Managed Care Organization. 6. A Pharmacy Benefit ...   View Online   Down

doc ico  Report by the Secretariat - World Trade Organization

trade policies by sector. Introduction. During the past five years, India's real GDP growth has averaged nearly 7% annually. Growth has been driven largely by the services sector, which accounted for almost 54% of GDP in 2005/06, up from 50% in 2000/01; wholesale and retail trade, hotels, transport, and communications were the leading subsectors.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Section 1 - Office of Group Benefits

Case Management (CM) is the managed care program available in cases of illness or injury where critical care is required and/or treatment of extended duration is anticipated. Case Management may provide coverage for services that are not normally covered.   View Online   Down

doc ico  XEROX 99D-Appendix2 -

104 MCWHOLD Managed Care Witholding MC-WHOLD. 105 TAXWHOLD Tax Withholding TAX-WHOLD. 106 PATPYMTNEF Patient Pymt Elect Not Effect PAT-PYMT-NOT-EFFEC. 107 SVCDENYRLS Service Deny Related Service SVC-DENY-RLTD-SVC. 108 ADJPURCHNM Payment Adj Purch Guide No Met ADJ-PURCH-NOT-MET. Information...   View Online   Down

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