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Latitude is the degrees north or south of the equator, longitude is how far west or east you are of GMT (near London, England). If you live in Europe, or even Australia/NZ, tick east of London, otherwise if you live in west of Greenwich, e.g. the USA, then do not tick east of London. If you live in the southern hemisphere, you will need to tick, southern …   View Online   Down


This was a London-based resistance movement founded by De Gaulle in 1940. Britain and the US did not recognise him until 1944 as they saw him as a potential dictator. He was not told of D-Day.   View Online   Down

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THE BLITZ. Can you match the pictures of the Blitz to the captions? London in flames. Wreckage after an air raid. Emerging after an air raid. John Lewis department store.   View Online   Down

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A Guide to Embedding Disability Studies into the Humanities Welcome and Introduction Welcome to A Guide to Embedding Disability Studies into the Humanities. This Guide is one outcome of 3 years of Disability Studies faculty working with Humanities faculty at Temple University to enrich and broaden the curriculum and …   View Online   Down

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For anarchism : History, Theory and practice, London: Routledge, 1989 LEVY Carl MALATESTA in London: the Era of Dynamite -in-A century of Italian Emigration to Britain 1880 to 1980s. Five Essays, edited by L. SPONZA and A. TOSI, Supplement to The Italianist, p.25-42, 1993   View Online   Down

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Cut out and put these events in order (or cut out & laminate & use to make a human timeline!)   View Online   Down

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