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doc ico  Richard HAYTHORNTHWAITE

The Hathornthwaites . and a Multitude of Haythornthwaites, Hawthornthwaites, Haythornwhites and Haythorn(e)s . The Descendants of William of Catshaw, (d 1592), Recusant, and John of Haythornthwaites, index...   View Online   Down

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The obituaries associated with his family told me a lot about their long-time presence in Catawba, and identified children who would have been alive and present in the time period of interest to you. Jack: I did find a birth record listing Janie as the mother but did not name the father.   View Online   Down

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Note: If you add or delete text in this program, you may change the accuracy of the Table of Contents. The Table of Contents is an auto-generated list; if you change content and want an accurate representation of the page numbers listed in the TOC, click the table and click “Update Field.” Then, click “Update page numbers only.” Click OK..   View Online   Down

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Boy baby born October 21, 1917 died aged 3 months. He probably was the son of Anthony Warren and Nancy (Belt) Mericle. There are a number of unmarked graves on this family Lot in Section 4. The obituaries have been found stating that they are buried at Frisco Cemetery.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Swaim Genealogy

When John Swaim was young there are newspaper references that indicate he may have gone by his middle name “Emory”. ... OK. John Smithson died on May 7, 1888, reportedly from pneumonia. ... W. Swaim died on September 25, 1888 at home at the age of 58 years. He was buried at Wright’s cemetery. I obtained obituaries from the Warren Weekly ... 2010-07-05.doc   View Online   Down

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I also have a picture of Thomas Tackett, from a newspaper article . I have to find it first. I don't know if you have Thomas J. Campbell parents names or not. Thomas was born according to William E. Campbell, it is in the family. bible that he has. Born January 5, 1803, but …   View Online   Down

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He was born 26 Aug 1830 in Beideck Colony, Saratov, Russia, and died Bef. 1864 in Beideck Colony, Saratov, Russia. She married (2) Johann Christian Lauck 28 Jun 1864 in Beideck Colony, Saratov, Russia. He was born 31 Jul 1829 in Beideck Colony, Saratov, Russia, and died 23 Aug 1895 in Beideck Colony, Saratov, Russia.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Reel # 10: August 3, 1900-Augu

Index generated by Nancy Kolk. Reel # 10: August 3, 1900-August. 30, 1907. 1900 Aug 3: TORN. Clerks’Association reform: Stores will close at 6 p.m. except on Wednesdays & Saturdays.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Marginalized Knowledge: An Agenda for Indigenous …

In postcolonial terminology the subjectivity of the oppressed ‘other’ is constituted in terms of powerlessness with regard to the oppressor. In the story “No ‘Witchcraft for Sale” however, there is a significant shift in power relations due to the interaction between landscape and the … of Arts Conference...   View Online   Down

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Bibliography of Homosexuality 1984–2011. by Paul Knobel. This bibliography is a listing of items catalogued by libraries on Worldcat, a worldwide union catalog, …   View Online   Down

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Lois Lane, before she received her own title, had undergone many changes in her “lifetime.” When she first appeared in 1938, she was a reporter who took her career seriously at the Daily Planet newspaper where she worked with Clark Kent (Superman’s alter ego).   View Online   Down

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Hugh G. Bassett 35 M GA GA GA Head Newspaper Editor Weekly News. Margaret M. 34 F TX SI SI Wife Bookeeper Oil Well Supply Co. ... Joe Bassett 26 M OK TN OK Head Soldier US Army. Sarah A. 22 F NH NH NH Wife. Barbara A. 3 F VT OK NH Daughter ... Lawton E. 10 M AL AL AL Son. Virginia M. 8 F AL AL AL Daughter ...   View Online   Down

doc ico  Modern Obsession -

“I am a surgeon, and I live at Boxford,” stated a new witness who identified himself as John Lawton. He’d seen the body right after it was uncovered. In fact, he’d brought something with him today: numerous pieces of clothing so rotted with time and viscera as to be almost utterly formless. Among them were two handkerchiefs. Collins.doc   View Online   Down

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(OK, this is weirding me out now that they are all by women and they are all about relationships. ... .Even daily journalism – fires, city council meetings, obituaries — can be creative, which in my mind means stepping back, opening up all the senses and really looking at everything in its most minute detail. Creativity means working with ...   View Online   Down

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