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Certificate of Achievement Event and Convention Planning. Certificate of Achievement Fire Technology ... Online Student Evaluation of Instructor survey results document high rankings for West’s online instructors. ... (CSS), jQuery, JavaScript and .ASP server-side were also incorporated as part of the website redesign. The new website is a ...   View Online   Down

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Subscribers can select to search any unposted memorial in the Unposted Memorial List. Additional information such as date of document, consideration, share of the lot, name of the lodging solicitors, etc. in respect of the selected unposted memorial will be shown.   View Online   Down

doc ico  3.1.2 Transceiver - UCF Department of EECS

The user interface will be web based using jquery mobile, which allows for cross platform compatibility on all smart phones and tablets. The user interface will allow the end user to choose a location (UCF for example) where he/she will be parking.   View Online   Down

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are being triggered all the time. An event is triggered every time you move the mouse, scroll the page, or press a key. It would be chaos if the browser had to respond to every event. Instead, you as the developer, create . functions. to handle specific events, and you associate them with the page elements that you want to respond to the event.   View Online   Down

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Ability for the end user to create and upload a video, picture, so that other users can view what has been created on Boys & Girls Clubs Stories to   View Online   Down

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Implemented JQuery, JQuery-UI and Overlib JavaScripts and utilized with various project. Designed numerous generic User Controls to utilize with various project . Designed and developed various Master Page, Themes, Skins, Layout Design s, CSS Files, Graphic … Toolkits/The...   View Online   Down

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Implemented Web Forms for User Login, Registration, Event Creation etc., and pushed the data in XML format to CMS and create Smartform related items. Extensive use of XML, XSLT, Jquery   View Online   Down

doc ico  My most current and complete resume -

Design, document, and develop multi-threaded, cross platform terminal intercept software module for real time date remediation in and validation of an encapsulation Y2K solution for VAX/VMS systems. Design, build test harnesses for module development, verification.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Intekhab-E-Aalum Shaikh

User information is stored in SharePoint and the password information is stored in Authentication provider. Designed and implemented four web parts to implement the functionality. Wrote generic WebPart to write data to any list. Modified master files so that the users cannot access SharePoint data by URL. Wrote custom event handlers for the list.   View Online   Down


Working in an agile development environment, integrateIT resources designed and developed several custom J2EE-based workflow applications built on Java, JavaScript, REST, SOAP, JQuery, Spring, Hibernate, and Oracle 11g technology. integrateIT resources built and maintained highly complex solutions across multiple technologies.   View Online   Down

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In the event of conflict between a task order and the contract, the contract will take precedence. PERFORMANCE OF SERVICES. ... JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript ,Hibernate,UML modeling, Eclipse ,Modeling tools, JMS, JMX, Web Services, SOAP, Restful, XML processing ,Agile Methodologies. Lead the team of developers.   View Online   Down

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<p>Character-based work attracts me moreso than any other narrative style. Animism is thus present in all of my work, as even an abstract blob is capable of having a distinct, relatable personality, given the right amount of intentionality and effort.   View Online   Down

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sub-contractors, is listed on the General Services Administration’s list of Parties Excluded from Federal Programs and the HHS/OIG List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (available through the internet at: …   View Online   Down

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Both data mining and data warehousing are applied to big data and are business intelligence tools that are used to turn data into high value and useful information.   View Online   Down

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