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doc ico  The FBI, COINTELPRO-WHITE HATE and the Decline of Ku …

The FBI, COINTELPRO-WHITE HATE, and the Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina, 1964-1971. Between September 1964 and April 1971, the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a domestic covert action program named COINTELPRO-WHITE HATE.   View Online   Down

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Blue Mountain separates present-day Northampton County and Monroe County; and the 1,500-foot mountain is pierced in four locations, one of which is called Wind Gap. This natural break in the awesome mountain mass is abrupt and deep to the level of the lower …   View Online   Down

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Director, department of nutrition and pain management, Blue Ridge Health Clinic, Blowing Rock, NC. [A clinic run by Gregory E. Caplinger, an impostor who, in 1989, pled guilty to practicing without a license and is now serving a 12-year federal prison sentence for fraud]   View Online   Down

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Articles of CONFEDERATION and PERPETUAL UNION between the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and providence plantations , Connecticut New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Problems.doc   View Online   Down


I met a girl in North Carolina and stayed for a while. I made friends with people in the Delmarva Peninsula. I visited Chincoteague, Va., and crossed the river on horseback to visit the wild ponies that the Spanish left behind four hundred years ago.   View Online   Down

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-- Navy Musician 1st Class Elliot D. Larsen, 25, of Monroe, Utah, will be buried May 26 in his hometown. Larsen was assigned to the USS Oklahoma, which was moored off Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, when Japanese aircraft attacked his ship on Dec. 7, 1941.   View Online   Down

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Consumer codes that deal with the relationship between service providers and their customers have taken many forms over the years and have ultimately culminated in two main consumer codes: the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code (TCP Code) and … Straight Answers_accessible.doc   View Online   Down

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They began working at odd jobs and finally earned enough money to get them to Fairbanks. He took up fur trapping, and remained in the area of Big Delta forty-eight years. A rugged life but lucrative if one could stand the hardships.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Saturday Night’s Main Event #2: “Uncle Elmer Gets Married ...

Historical footnote for what it’s worth: If you’re wondering why this Friday night special has the “Saturday Night’s…” banners all over the arena, this show was indeed supposed to air in place of Saturday Night Live for 90 minutes on Thanksgiving weekend.   View Online   Down

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Have you changed jobs? E-mail addresses often change due to mergers, switched providers, new academic servers, switching jobs, etc. If your e-mail or “snail mail” address has changed in the past two years, please contact NEPCA and let us know so we can update our database.   View Online   Down

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period, some Americans, indeed, had predicted war, from William H. Seward—who. called it the “irrepressible conflict”—to the abolitionist John Brown who believed the. ... one North Carolina clergyman volunteered for the army, believing that “we must show.   View Online   Down

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In addition to jobs created by new businesses and green initiatives, green technologies create opportunities to arm workers with enhanced skills. All of this can improve the local tax base, increasing the caliber of city services.   View Online   Down

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Indeed, records indicate that only four to eight cases a year have been filed since 2005. It's hard to know just how many of those youths were older teens, on the cusp of adulthood. This case, however, involves young teens who, if found guilty of the accusations, deserve to be given every chance to be rehabilitated. Summary - 06-25...   View Online   Down

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