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The act allows anyone owning or controlling emergency generators to apply to DPUC for approval to install emissions control equipment on emergency generators that meet the requirements of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) general permit …   View Online   Down

doc ico  CBD First National Report - Saudi Arabia (English version)

The hunting industry provides can be managed so as to directly and indirectly benefit local communities (through employment of local guides, purchase of food, remittance of part or all the fees charged for hunting licenses etc) as well as the broader economy, through the sale of equipment, for example.   View Online   Down

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Heads Up Award – for the person who is heads above the rest (a plastic head mounted above a piece of wood. Use a piece of wire to keep the head above the wood). Hats Off Award – for someone we take our hats off to (an old hat mounted on a piece of wood).   View Online   Down

doc ico  Special report: - Rollins College

He sacked the heads of the finance, home and foreign ministries soon after coming to office. ... He could have announced plans for the outright sale of state-owned steel or oil firms or banks by now, but “basically he doesn’t want to sell,” says a businessman in Ahmedabad. ... many manufacturers continue to use generators because the grid ...   View Online   Down

doc ico  Blank Report Template - California Energy Commission

REPORT. Committee Final Report. NOVEMBER 2005 CEC-100-2005-007-CTF Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor ... The few hybrid models for sale by automakers carry a price premium several thousand dollars above comparable gasoline models, although expected mass production will bring down their cost. ... generators seek long-term contracts that provide ...   View Online   Down

doc ico  Title – but keep it short and snappy - My WEDC: Welcome

A number of more specific arguments have been advanced relating to urban water supply: Private sector operators can use the threat of bankruptcy, abandonment or sale to an asset-stripper to extract subsidies from government.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Session 1.1: Digitising Manuscripts and Incunabula

SESSION 1.1. Digitising Manuscripts and Incunabula. Homer: Ancient and Modern. Jan Rae . Open University. A295 - Homer: Poetry and Society is a second level British Open University half-credit course (worth 30 points) which looks at the relationships between the Homeric poems and the archaeological evidence on Ancient Greece.   View Online   Down

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features such as emergency generators, intrusion alarm systems, electric doors, and fire escapes. ... The Department Heads must maintain records of individuals that have been charged with care and custody of the same. These items require a tag to be affixed indicating that the item is the property of Cochise County. ... Internal Sale: A ... Asset...   View Online   Down

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For an exception to the exclusions from the definition of "retail sale" applicable to aircraft and vessels, see subdivision (q) of section eleven hundred eleven of this article. § 5.   View Online   Down


table of content sub-section page   View Online   Down

doc ico  Hazardous Materials (including Hazardous Waste Operations ...

Generators and filling cylinders. Employer must ensure that facilities, equipment, structures, or installations used to generate acetylene or to charge (fill) acetylene cylinders comply with the provisions of NFPA 51A-2006 (“Standard for Acetylene Charging …   View Online   Down

doc ico  #4378-Gov N226-Act 8 of 2009 -

36.Duties of heads of health services and government health practitioners to report and powers of chairperson of regional council ... Generators and transporters of hazardous and infectious waste must ensure that containers - ... preparation, storage, keeping and transmission of a food intended for sale or for export purpose, excluding meat ... and Environmental Health Act 1...   View Online   Down

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Point of Sale V6.5 was written with code that used only a two-digit year field—for example, 1999 was stored as “99.” This meant that all dates were interpreted as falling within the twentieth century (2001, stored as “01,” would be mistaken for 1901).   View Online   Down

doc ico  SECTION 13-100 - Florida Building

13-101.3.1 Buildings having a change of occupancy type that were permitted prior to March 15, 1979, shall meet the requirements for renovations in Section 13-101.1.3 or Section 13-101.2.3, as appropriate, for those components which are being retrofitted or replaced.   View Online   Down

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