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化学专业词汇(汉英). A. 18 electron rule 18电子规则 abbe refractometer 阿贝折射计 abbreviated analysis 简略分析 abderhalden's dryer 阿布德尔哈尔登干燥器 abderhalden's reaction 阿布德尔哈尔登反应 abegg's rule 阿贝格规则 abel closed tester 阿贝尔氏密闭实验机 abel pensky tester 阿贝尔 彭斯基试验器 abel tester 阿贝尔试验器 ...   View Online   Down

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The phenolphthalein indicator dye begins to turn color after the addition of 2.8 mls of standard solution. What is the concentration of the HCl? ... Nanometer nm 10-9 UV, visible. Micrometer m 10-6 Infrared. Millimeter mm 10-3 Infrared. Centimeter cm 10-2 Microwave. Meter m 1 TV, radio. The range of EM wavelengths is dramatic: ...   View Online   Down

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Hele databasen består nu af 1946 stoffer og blandinger. ... Trichloreddikesyre 0,1M - Trichlorethen ethylentrichlorid 79-01-6 Trichlorfluormethan Freon MF, Freon 11; CFC 11, F-11 75-69-4 Triethylamin N.N-Diethylethanamin. 121-44-8 Triethylorthoformat 1,1,1-triethoxymethan 122-51-0 Triiodmethan Iodoform 75-47-8 Trimethylphosphonoacetat Dimethyl ...   View Online   Down

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