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Rules, regulations and procedures for safe handling/storing/return of hazardous freight shipments. Occupational hazards and safety precautions of the trade. Safe forklift   View Online   Down

doc ico  SP-2000 Road Safety Standard - PDO

Road Safety Consequence Matrix. All drivers and passengers will be subjected to a road safety consequence matrix. These are embedded in the Life Saving Rules. Where a driver or passenger has been identified as breaking the rules contained in the consequence matrix then disciplinary action must be taken against the driver/passenger. road safety...   View Online   Down

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What are the safe operating rules for forklift operations? Do they really know these rules? Ninety percent of forklift operators have never received this training. Name the basic mechanical deficiencies that will make a forklift unsafe to drive: Horn (2) Brakes (3) Parking Brakes (4) Leaks in the fuel, oil, hydraulic systems (5) Steering.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Entire Application Must Be Completed and Signed

Yes No Negligent homicide, unlawful use of vehicle, speed contest or racing, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident or a hit and run, any felony conviction which involves a motor vehicle, speed twenty miles or more over the speed limit or driving while license is suspended or revoked in a commercial vehicle, DUI or DWI.   View Online   Down

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Lifting aids to be used (i.e. forklift or Hiab) 2 person lift when lifting aids not available M. M. M. M. M Step 2 - Driving to and from site Driving vehicle to client location: Fatigue. Inattention. Unsafe driving behaviour. Vehicle faults or malfunction. Insecure load Comply with all road rules . Vehicle kept up to WOF or COF standard   View Online   Down


Driving of Company Vehicles by non-employees is forbidden except in an emergency by a responsible member of the driver’s immediate family. Should the employee be away from the office for any length of time, for instance on an overseas trip or on military duties, the …   View Online   Down

doc ico  Amended Section 3664 to read as follows:

ANSI/ASME B56.6-1987 for rough terrain forklift trucks, ... Stunt driving and horseplay are prohibited. (3) No riders shall be permitted on vehicles unless provided with adequate riding facilities. ... shall post and enforce a set of operating rules including the appropriate rules listed below in Section 3650(s).:   View Online   Down

doc ico  Production Coordinator -

Have a Class "A" CDL License in good standing, minimum of 2 years verifiable tractor trailer driving experience within the past 5 years, not cited for any DOT Accidents in past 3 years, no more than 3 moving violations in past 3 years (any vehicle), no DUI's, Reckless Driving within last 7 years. LANGUAGE SKILLS   View Online   Down

doc ico  bmp1JOB - California

Drive the forklift in and around the warehouse, bindery and pressroom.<br> Do inventories, count pallets, roll stock, flat stock, cartons and other materials used in the printing industry. ... Must follow safe driving practices and rules at all times.<br> Must report any accident or driving situation to supervisor immediately.<br> 8314 Heavy Truck Driver 4...   View Online   Down

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The following safe operating rules apply MAPP employees and subcontractors who operate a forklift. Violations of safe operating rules can and will result in retraining and/or disciplinary action. ... Stunt driving and horseplay shall not be permitted.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Video - Division of Labor

This video provides an overview of bucket truck safety to personnel who are or will be working on bucket trucks, either alone or as part of a crew. 18 263 Forklift Safety for Construction J.J. Keller Explains the importance of safe operation, demonstrates a pre and post inspection of the equipment, addresses maintenance issues, and clarifies ... Safety Programs/WV Division of Labor...   View Online   Down

doc ico  HSE Requirements for US Subcontractors -

The following HSE rules list Contractor’s fundamental requirements for Subcontractor HSE. When there are multiple rules that may apply, the most stringent Contractor, Client, State, or Federal HSE regulations that govern the work shall be followed.   View Online   Down


The employee testified he remembered driving the forklift and then regaining consciousness on the floor of the warehouse. He theorized the machine might have caused him to lose his balance by "bucking." Alternatively, he might have tripped getting out of the forklift. He stated that he had never had a seizure prior to the fall from the forklift.   View Online   Down

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Employees are responsible for following all safe work policies, procedures and safety rules. This includes, but not limited to, safe driving, safe lifting, housekeeping, PPE, chemical safety, fall protection, ladder safety, and safe operation of tools, machinery, and equipment. Active involvement with this plan is a condition of employment.   View Online   Down

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