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Manual door controls shall not require more than 25 pounds of force to operate at any point throughout the range of operation, as tested on a 10 percent grade both uphill and downhill. 45.01.3 Service door shall be located on right side of bus, opposite and within direct view of driver.   View Online   Down

doc ico  SPARTAN ERV - Litchfield Fire Department

Spartan ERV has for purposes of evaluation, provided a Large "D" size drawing, illustrating the overall dimensions, wheelbase, and overall length of the proposed apparatus and other specified equipment. CONTRACT V3...   View Online   Down

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On the bottom row and outboard. On the top row and outboard. On the bottom row and inboard. On the top row and inboard. What is the "Rule of Thumb" when wearing a ribbon with a dark color on one end and a light color on the other end? Dark color inboard. Dark color outboard. No rule exist. DrillMeet test2007.doc   View Online   Down

doc ico  APTA Bus Procurement Guidelines 2011

The Work under these Contract documents consists of the manufacture and delivery of a base order of [insert number and bus types] and [insert associated goods and services such as spare parts, training materials and manual]   View Online   Down

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(b) Manual Fire Alarm Systems: Manual pull alarms shall be tested monthly by physically activating the device. Only one pull station need be tested each month if there are less than twelve locations in the protected building.   View Online   Down

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Manual door controls shall not require more than 25 pounds of force to operate at any point throughout the range of operation, as tested on a 10% grade, both up hill and downhill; Service door shall be located on right side of bus opposite driver and within direct view;   View Online   Down

doc ico  NCSX

Install the Teflon jumper tubes and tighten connections on all outboard circuits. ... The area where the test is being performed shall be roped off to prevent access to the general work force with signs posted on the ropes warning about the test. ... Any leaks or failure to maintain pressure requires a repair and retesting. Record test data in ...   View Online   Down

doc ico  MiniEnciclopedia - Sunshine MINIs

the high-temp pads on the outboard side (i/s the wheel), where there is. ... differential assembly gets a sideways force that overcome. the pinching force of the cover that is. Such forces may. be a result of the helical pinion, or your hammer blow. OK. All that aside. ... TO REPAIR PARK SWITCH.   View Online   Down

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3.0 GENERAL. 3.1 SCOPE. This specification covers the technical aspects for a Prime Mover to be utilized as a work train prime mover to tow Revenue Trains, transport employees to and from the work area, also perform replacement/repair of rail; provide supply for hydraulic, pneumatic tools, and other wayside related maintenance.   View Online   Down


U.S.C. §3141-3148), which provides that each contractor or sub-recipient shall be prohibited from inducing any person employed in the construction, completion, or repair of public work, to give up any part of the entitled.   View Online   Down

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manufacturer specifies different lifting points in the owner’s manual. Contact and. lifting pressures should be applied simultaneously at both lifting points. ... may be mounted between the chassis frame rails or outboard of the. ... All instruments shall be easily accessible for maintenance and repair. C. The instruments and gauges shall be ... 2016...   View Online   Down

doc ico  JAR-OPS 1 -

Example rt. rear box, jacking point, left outboard, etc. (11) Submitted by Tick as appropriate and enter the name of the person submitting the report in section 17 of the form and the organisation such as, DAS, Delta, XYZ Repair Station, etc. Documents/Flight Operations Advisory...   View Online   Down

doc ico  sliding glass doors - Solar Innovations

Force of 105.26psf minimum exterior . Design Pressure ... Outboard glazing lite – 3/16" tempered clear glass with LoE 272 low-emissivity coating on surface two. ... Accurately size glazing to fit openings allowing for clearances as set forth by the “Glazing Manual” published by the Flat Glass Marketing Association (FGMA).   View Online   Down

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The lateral force on rooftop structures and equipment with Af less than(0.1Bh) located on buildings of all heights shall be determined from Equation 29.5-1 of ASCE 7 …   View Online   Down

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