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doc ico  Chapter Findings and Recommendations Summary - SAWPA

The Orange County Flood Control District, administered by the Orange County OC Public Works (OC Public Works), is governed by the Orange County Board of Supervisors. OCFCD is a political entity that has no employees, but owns land, and assesses an annual benefit on all taxable real property in Orange County.   View Online   Down

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Reible,D.D., F.H. Shair, T.B. Smith and D.E. Lehrman, "A Study of Transport into, within and out of Coastal Areas of Southern Santa Barbara County and Ventura County", Final Report to the Ventura Air Pollution Control District, June 1981.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Photo-reactive Volatile Organic ...

Although the lower limit is listed in the 2007 CARB SCM, at the time of this review only five California Air Districts (all in warmer climates) had adopted the roof coating limits: BAAQMD, SJVUAPCD, Ventura County APCD, Imperial County APCD, and Kern County APCD (see figure below). Materials/TSD_All_Final...   View Online   Down

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Regional Contingency Plan, Region IXEnclosure 4920.3. California In-Situ Burn PlanPage 33 of 33. Regional Contingency Plan, Region IX4920.9. California In-Situ Burn PlanPage 61 of CA In-Situ Burn Plan 2014...   View Online   Down


One study found that despite preconceived notions, prescribed ground fires in the Lake Tahoe basin did not significantly increase phosphorus transport to surface streams draining to Lake Tahoe. These results are significant but preliminary and need to be followed up by other studies (Stephens et al., 2004). ... (Ventura and Los Angeles County ...   View Online   Down


Keep all staff and students indoors until it is determined by the Ventura County Health Department that it is safe. 7. Tune to Radio Saint Lucia at 660 FM to receive updates.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Public Works Board Letterhead - California

Item #1, Department of General Services, Office Building #10 Renovation, Sacramento County. Ms. Finn stated that this is the building that was formerly occupied by the Department of Education on Capitol Mall in Sacramento.   View Online   Down


Ventura County, CA. 145.00. JOB _____ _____ GLA 4001d. San Luis Obispo County, CA. 100.00. JOB _____ _____ GLA 4001e. Santa Barbara County, CA. 80.00. JOB ... fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, unusually severe weather, and delays of common carriers. The Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer in writing as soon ...   View Online   Down

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Each Fire Cadet is assigned to a fire station and placed under direct supervision of a Fire Captain and crew. The Fire Cadets will ride-along on the apparatus to which they are assigned and respond as observers to various types of emergencies including, fires, traffic collisions, medical aids, and …   View Online   Down

doc ico  May 16, 1996 - California Department of Industrial Relations

Rudy Lopez, Risk Manager for County Line Framing, stated that the existing regulation is effective, and it is incumbent upon the stakeholders to comply with the existing regulation. Silas Shawver with CRLA stated that while more effective enforcement is needed, …   View Online   Down

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Allocation Amount. County. Dist-Co-Rte. Postmile . Location. Project Description . EA. Program . Budget Year. Item # Program Codes . State. Federal. Total Amount . 2 ...   View Online   Down

doc ico  Statewide Assessment - Los Angeles County, California

The county child welfare agency in partnership with the county probation agency work together with public and private organizations, courts, tribes, and the community to complete the assessment. County Peer Quality Case Review (PQCR): an extension of the county’s self-assessment process and is guided by questions raised by the analysis of ... Statewide Assessment 12...   View Online   Down


Appendix B Telecommuting As A Back Up In Emergencies Questionnaire Appendix C H.R. 1555 Extract Appendix D Public Utilities Commission of the State of California Resolution T15519 approving Pacific BellÕs request to implement certain measures to assist in …   View Online   Down

doc ico  GENERAL PROVISIONS - Secretary of State of Colorado

CHAPTER 0 - GENERAL PROVISIONS. ARTICLE I DEFINITIONS #000 – The following definitions supplement the statutory definitions found in the Wildlife Act including, but not limited to, those definitions found in section 33-1-102, C.R.S.   View Online   Down

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