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doc ico  Chiller Site Assessment Guidance (MS Word)

Check the configuration of each chilled water valve on each cooling coil (includes AHUs, Fan coils, etc.). If three way valves and constant volume pumps are installed, convert the valves to two way and install VFDs on secondary chilled water pumps. Site Assessment Guidance.docx   View Online   Down

doc ico  System App: -

The System App modules form a library of "how-to" knowledge designed for the Total Building Commissioning industry. Each module builds on the industry-wide standardization of the commissioning process, and guides us for commissioning each type of system that may be encountered in a Building. ... Cooling Coil. Humidifier (optional) Supply Fan ... AHU System App Sample.doc   View Online   Down

doc ico  HVAC Guide Specifications -

The systems shall be (cool/heat) split system heat pump. The heat pump system shall consist of a single outdoor condensing unit, single indoor unit, and wireless controller. The condensing shall be a horizontal discharge, 208/230V, 1Ph, 60Hz unit.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Consortium for Energy Efficiency

WARM AIR SYSTEMS - output capacity between 100% and 140% of calculated system load unless dictated by the cooling equipment selection OR customer needs ... Airflow across the coil, at fan design speed and full operating load, is within 15% of the airflow required per the system design. and . ii. Airflow across the coil is within the range ... Final_with...   View Online   Down


Water pressure drop for major (more than 20 gpm) equipment coils, excluding unitary equipment such as reheat coils, unit heaters, and fan-coil units. Dry-bulb temperature of entering and leaving air. Wet-bulb temperature of entering and leaving air for cooling coils.   View Online   Down

doc ico  MAINTENANCE STANDARDS - University of Missouri–Kansas …

Where fan coil systems are used, outside air shall be introduced by a DOAS. Windows are not a source of required ventilation for buildings. Renovations of systems that are dual duct or multizone should convert these systems to VAV.   View Online   Down

doc ico

Chilled and hot water fan coil systems. Air handling units, Gas/electric/ heat pump roof-top units and split systems. Chilled and hot water fan coil systems. Computer Room Units. Variable air volume systems (VAVs) VRF- Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems. Exhaust and make-up air systems.   View Online   Down

doc ico  Cover: Decision Item -

This phased project will replace, as necessary, the air handler units and associated systems throughout the Wetherill building. The scope will affect 475 rooms within the building and includes the replacement of fan coil units, fume hoods, fume hood control devices, fans and general exhaust.   View Online   Down


ADDISON WSHP with ERU Options, Water-to-Water Heat Pumps, Air Turnover Unit AMERICAN AIR FILTER Classroom Unit Ventilators, Air Filtration Systems AIREDALE/MODINE Vertical Unit Ventilators, Energy Recovery Unit Ventilators, Gas Make-up Air, Duct Furnaces, Unit Heaters, Ceiling-Recessed Single-Zone Split Systems, Cabinet Heaters and Fin Tube ...   View Online   Down

doc ico  GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS - Sigler Commercial

Indoor, direct-expansion, wall-mounted fan coil. Unit shall be complete with coil, fan, DC inverter driven fan motor, PMV valve, piping connectors, electrical controls, microprocessor control system, and integral temperature sensing.   View Online   Down

doc ico  42WKN Guide Specifications, 3/4 to 3 Nominal Tons, Cooling ...

Indoor, downward discharge 2 or 4-pipe low-profile in-ceiling fan coil. Units shall come complete with cooling coil or hot water coil (4-pipe systems only), fan, fan motor, piping connectors, electrical controls, condensate pump, and hanging brackets.   View Online   Down

doc ico  BACnet 1 2 3

The ASHRAE-devised communications protocol is undergoing more specifier-friendly changes, but in the meantime GSA's guide is a useful tool in specifying systems using BACnet   View Online   Down

doc ico  Feasibility Study - CERN

This feasibility study presents the modifications and new HVAC installations needed to transform the present storage and equipment testing area in the basement of building 513 to a Computer Room serving the future LHC computing. ... Fan power 7kW. ... Cooling coil . Heating coil (in 2 fresh air units) Humidification (in 2 fresh air units)   View Online   Down


SECTION 238200 - CONVECTION HEATING AND COOLING UNITS. GENERAL. DESCRIPTION. This section describes cooling coils, direct expansion, chilled water, heating coils, cabinet unit heaters, unit heaters, finned tube radiation, steam door heaters, and electric wall heaters.   View Online   Down

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