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The subjects will be familiar to kids—a fly, praying mantis, honeybee, butterfly, daddy longlegs, lovebug, dragonfly, tick, ladybug, spider, grasshopper, ants, and a swarm of bugs—but the poems, photographs, and nonfiction passages present them in eye-opening new ways.   View Online   Down

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1 the 2 be 3 of 4 and 5 a 6 in 7 he 8 to 9 have 10 to 11 it 12 for 13 they 14 with 15 I 16 not 17 that 18 on 19 as 20 at 21 by 22 this 23 we 24 she 25 from 26 do 27 but 28 or 29 an 30 you 31 which 32 would 33 all 34 one 35 who 36 will 37 say 38 that 39 make 40 when 41 there 42 if 43 can 44 man 45 time 46 ...高中常用字彙7000...   View Online   Down

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On the screen Ivan could see an endless desert with many scattered rocks, and deep craters and fissures on the ground. Apparently that was the first planet he saw. They passed by it at high speed without touching down. ... She then spoke about magnetic fields and the power accumulators, apparently a simple device used to power the ship. She ...   View Online   Down

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A Abandon v. 放弃;抛弃 [联想] desert抛弃 give up放弃. quit舍弃 leave drop   View Online   Down

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a art 5 a.m. adv. 2668 abandon v 1926 abbey n 5646 ABC n 5647 abide v 4785 ability n 1163 able adj. 417 aboard prep 4345 abolish v 5648 abolition n 5521 A-bomb n 5649 about prep. 71 about adv. 147 above prep. 499 above adv. 1368 above adj. 4463 abroad adv. 2251 abrupt adj. 3530 abruptly adv. 5072 absence n 1686 absent adj. 3159 absolute adj ...大考7000字列表.doc   View Online   Down

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Ground traces and electro-magnetic effects were reported. No other information. HC addition # 3221 ... The next morning another witness heard strange wailing sounds coming from the same patch of wooded area. ... rounded on the inside edges and wrapped around the sides of the head like sunglasses, or more accurately like a dragonfly's eyes ...   View Online   Down

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A a/an art. abandon v. abbreviate v. abbreviation n. abdomen n. abide v. ability n. able adj. abnormal adj. aboard prep./adv. abolish v. aboriginal adj./n. aborigine ...   View Online   Down

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词条 含义. 1 abandon vt. 抛弃;放弃 . 1 n. 放纵;沉溺 . 2 abandoned adj. 被抛弃的,废置的 . 3 abandonment n. 抛弃;放弃王玉梅托福词汇.doc   View Online   Down

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silvery screen of fog displaying all things. ... but as it’s said by one trying to patch up a lie ─it’s necessary to hold a banquet satisfactory to all. ... Using the positioning clues provided by the magnetic field of the primeval sea of consciousness, to find the way home.   View Online   Down

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