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A nonpersonal services contract is a contract under which the personnel providing the services are not subject to the supervision and control usually prevailing in relationships between the government and its employees. Under a non-personal services contract, a contractor dictates its employees’ compensation, benefits and rewards.   View Online   Down


The court may also, if the offence has been committed by means of a publication in a newspaper, order, on the application of the public prosecutor or the aggrieved party, that the verdict or a summary of the verdict be printed in the same part of that newspaper a period to be fixed by the court.   View Online   Down

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Capturing the sentence level correctly is critical to reporting an accurate criminal history score for an individual. ... Court Services Research and Evaluation and legal staff have provided input. ... Level of Sentence will calculate only on cases where the Court Decision Type is: EJJ Adult Sentence Imposed. Payable without Appearance ...   View Online   Down


This Travel Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) is effective [DATE], BETWEEN: ... ’s volume per third party collection agencies reporting. SCHEDULE D . OTHER RISK/REWARD PROGRAM. 1. Guaranteed Savings. ... THIS PRODUCT IN HARD COPY OR DIGITAL FORM. ALL OFFENDERS WILL BE SUED IN A COURT OF LAW. Travel Services Agreement Page 2 of 16 Services Agreement.doc   View Online   Down


After a petition is filed the Court will schedule a hearing. You have the right to be present at that hearing and to have a lawyer represent you. If you cannot afford a lawyer, the Court will appoint one for you. You can call the Court to request a court appointed attorney.   View Online   Down

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23.8 Court-Ordered Medical Insurance 149. 23.9 Co-Pay Coverage RE: Diabetic Supplies Using A DME Provider 149 ... Annual reporting is required through a written narrative report as well as an output report as described within this section. ... Services are covered and reimbursed according to Medicaid policy unless otherwise stated in this ...   View Online   Down

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PART 1: THE PLEADING PHASE IN THE MAGISTRATE'S COURT. a) Framework 17. b) Interim steps that the parties can consider during the pleading stage in the. ... number should be allocated to the client so that the account may be debited with fees and disbursements in respect of services rendered. The attorney should discuss the possible cost ...   View Online   Down


G. Internet Search Services. 3. H. Old Fashioned Tools. 3. VI. Debtor Identity and Multiplying your Defendants. 3. ... once the judgment is signed by the court, credit reporting agencies will make a report of the judgment entry. Caveat: If the court in which your suit is pending has its cases on the fast track to the DWOP docket, holding the ...   View Online   Down

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the employer is usually obliged to terminate the contract. Although an employer is entitled to summarily dismiss an employee who has deserted, it is nevertheless required to hold an inquiry before terminating the services of the employee, especially where the period of absence was relatively short. The court held that the respondent '   View Online   Down

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The services management structure, reporting relationships, and individual roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and documented. A record of all completed training and development. Staff file for management and ALL employees/volunteers/student. Photographic identification of each staff ( passport/driving licence),21538,en.doc   View Online   Down

doc ico  ESEA Title II, Part B Mathematics and Science Partnerships

The fiscal agent is prohibited to subgranting funds to other partners, but may contract for services with other partners or consultants to provide services that the fiscal agent cannot provide. However, the fiscal agent is responsible for the performance of any services provided by other partners or consultants.   View Online   Down

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The agency has instituted post-exposure reporting, evaluation, and treatment for all members exposed to communicable diseases. ... Contact Child Protective Services. 2c. Obtain a court order or search warrant to seek the child in a non-emergency, in case of refused entry into the home* 2d. Make a forced entry in an emergency, upon probable ...   View Online   Down

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Services are delivered to the family as a unit rather than to individual family members. However, individual family members may also receive specific services. Services may be court-ordered, recommended by DCF or requested by the family. Family service cases require a lower level of cases than a family preservation case. Services RFP.doc   View Online   Down


The establishment of standards for Early Childhood Services has been identified worldwide as a fundamental step towards a cohesive high quality national agenda for early childhood development.   View Online   Down

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