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London, 24 Aug. Signed, The King, by letters dated 3 June, 27 Henry VIH., and also by mouth, in Winchester, at Michaelmas last, commanded the prelates to persuade his people that the bishop of Rome's authority was usurpation, and that his Grace was supreme head of the Church in England.   View Online   Down


The iron was now hot, and Richards striking on it boldly--it was a good. cause and she was bold in it, though instinctively afraid of. Mr.Dombey--requested that Miss Florence might be sent down then and there, to make friends with here little brother.   View Online   Down

doc ico  The Yeomen of the Guard – Their History from 1485-1885

The cartridge-case is of iron, and when charged with powder and ball was inserted in the breech, so that the touch-hole should come opposite a similar hole connected with the priming-pan. The flange was then turned over, and the breech being closed the cartridge-case became fixed in the required position.   View Online   Down

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The water pipeline should not rest on the sleeve, skids should properly position the pipeline in the sleeve. Skids may extend for full length of the pipe with the exception of joint to be welded, or may be spaced at intervals. Skids must provide sufficient height to permit clearance between the pipe and the sleeve B- Ready...   View Online   Down

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The mechanism has a sliding sleeve on a calibrated bar, and there are mirrors that correlate a known base line with a multiplication. There is an image of this at: ... You have to make a pitch lap, cast on the lens itself - and if the lens is aspheric, even this won't be sufficient. ... Corning made 8 ribbed mirror blanks supplementary to the ...   View Online   Down

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Yeah, we both auditioned for the part, and uh, as it turned out, they ah, they liked the stupid gay thing and cast him. And now, he’s got a two year contract opposite Susan Luchhi, the first lady of daytime television, and me, me I’m stuck here teaching a bunch of people, most of …   View Online   Down

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Table of Contents Introduction to Universal Price List System. Purpose. This system was started in 1982 with the intention of providing a comprehensive pricing and encumbrance system for all the medieval fantasy games systems currently in use in the club where I used to role-play.   View Online   Down

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The molten steel from the EAF or the ladle metallurgical facility is cast in a continuous casting machine to produce cast shapes including slabs, billets, or beam blanks. In some processes, the cast shape is torch cut to length and transported hot to the hot rolling mill for …   View Online   Down

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Lone Star Locals -- Vol. XII - No. 20. Saturday, January 10, 1885. We publish in this issue the statement of the State National Bank of El Paso which shows a capital and surplus of $72,500.   View Online   Down

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Those who have drawn blanks are to preserve . for renewal. ' ' October 2, l780._ • •, RAN" AWAY from Lucas Von Beverhoudt, at Bev- erwyk,, near Morris Town, on the 26th of last. month, a negro man named JACK, and is supposed . will go to New-York; he is low of stature, very black, and . limps a little in his -walk, though not ...   View Online   Down

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The petroglyphs were from several different eras, some going back to Anasazi cultures thousands of years old. There were surreal helmeted figures with spooky blanks for eyes, shamans, ghosts, shapes and signs incomprehensible. There were later petroglyphs layered on top of old ones, and finally there were graffiti laid down in the 1880s.   View Online   Down

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t the front of the spacious hall where a play is soon to be performed this evening, servants are placing iron stands affixed with multiple candlebeams; at the back, brackets hold torches already lighted. Courtiers smile and bow to Hamlet as they come to find seats; two large chairs have been set on a dais for the king and queen.   View Online   Down

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If your outdoor ministries program lasts more than a few weeks, revisit the Bible studies midway through the camping season. Encourage creativity and new ideas throughout the season. Fresh theological insights or more advanced training can help staff mature in their leadership style.   View Online   Down

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