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Burglar bars are permitted on the interior of windows and doors. Window-frame and sash color shall be consistent within a building, row or court. Cutting in new windows or blocking up existing windows in original buildings is not permitted (except when windows …   View Online   Down

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If service is made in person, the Police Commissioner/Chief of Police or Fire Chief, or his or her designee, shall file a proof of service which shall be under oath and which shall designate the person upon whom service was made.   View Online   Down

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If you report a burglary to the police, that doesn't automatically ‘open the floodgates to frivolous claims and costly penalties.’ If you report the burglary to the burglar, you have tipped the crook, put yourself at risk and all but assured an undesirable outcome.” [Staten Island Advance, 5/16/11]   View Online   Down


Numerous nonce-words are coined on this pattern which is another proof of its high productivity: e. g. luncher-out ("a person who habitually takes his lunch in restaurants and not at Home"), goose-flesher ("murder story") or attention getter in the following fragment:   View Online   Down

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Section 38-4-12 - Sanitary Storm Sewers 935 Section 38-4-13 - Materials Prohibited from Public Sewers 936 Section 38-4-14 - Substances Under Discretion of Superintendent 937   View Online   Down

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who live contentedly within doors and found your lives, such as they are, upon unmanly effeminate occupations, nursed within doors, ought not, save as an honest preparation for action, presume to talk or write at all about Heroes and the Heroic or about Irish History.   View Online   Down

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“Jesus the King” Part 5: Chapters 24-28. Bob Harding. Table of Contents. Chapter LESSON TITLE Page. 24 The Destruction Of Jerusalem In 70 AD ...   View Online   Down

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CHAPTER 1 . CODE OF ORDINANCES. 1.01 Title 1.07 Amendments 1.02 Definitions 1.08 Catchlines and Notes 1.03 City Powers 1.09 Altering Code 1.04 Indemnity 1.10 Standard Penalty 1.05 Personal Injuries 1.11 Severability 1.06 Rules of Construction 1.01 TITLE. of Ordinance Oct 13.DOC   View Online   Down

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Kingston enters the front doors of the bank and walks . through the lobby. INT. ... I need to know the reason or the proof of. what you are saying. KINGSTON. This is going to be hard to accept. ... is putting us all through a test. A very hard test I must say myself. This quote means if you are a killer, you are a burglar, a liar, and adulterer ...   View Online   Down

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Names of Specialised personnel and proof of their capability in the following areas of specialization. Project Management. Air conditioning. Fire detection an suppression systems design and implementation. ... un-navigable storm or tempest at sea.   View Online   Down

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The following type of timber doors shall be used unless otherwise instructed by the Project Manager and shall be of approved manufacture, true to shape and free from twists or warps: internal doors shall be hollow core doors consisting of skeleton frames covered with 4 mm plywood for painting.   View Online   Down

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Pedestrian access doors or gates shall open outward away from the pool and shall be self-closing and have a self-latching device. Doors or gates other than pedestrian access doors or gates shall have a self-latching device. Release mechanisms shall be in accordance with Sections 1008.1.9 and 1109.13. Inspection Division/Building...   View Online   Down

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The lightening flashed and crackled constantly. The thunder could be heard inside our sound proof cabin. It sounded as if we were under bombardment by explosive projectiles. My normally jovial crew stared at the view screen and through the ponholes in silence. We hovered over Tia …   View Online   Down

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The damp-proof course in the external walls of your home is to stop dampness rising from the ground. There are also often airbricks in walls below suspended ground floors to prevent moisture from building up under the floors. It is essential that the soil level is kept below the level of the damp-proof course and the airbricks are kept clear.   View Online   Down

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