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Cooperation and the in-group-out-group bias: A field test on Israeli kibbutz members and city residents. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 60 , 147–163.Saroglou, V. (2012).   View Online   Down

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Methods such as Limit State Design (LSD) are commonly used to express ultimate and serviceability limit states for soil capacity. The use of LSD methodology is straightforward; however it may not clearly translate into reliable and concise parameters that may be justifiably relied upon by structural engineers. ... situated in the city of ...ésumés...   View Online   Down

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The Cyrenaic School of Philosophy, founded in the city of Cyrene, flourished from about 400 to 300 B.C., and had for its most distinctive tenet hedonism, or …   View Online   Down

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Kyoto City Hosp. Kyoto Med Sci Lab Inc. Kyushu Natl Canc Ctr Hosp. La Plata Natl Univ. La Princesa Univ Hosp. Lab Biochem. Emo Centro Cuore Columbus Hosp. EMO Ctr Cuoro Columbus. Engels. Enzon Pharmaceut Inc. Enzon Pharmaceut Incorp. Eramus Med Ctr Rotterdam. Erasme Hosp. Erasmus MC Daniel den Hoed Canc Ctr. Erasmus Med Ctr Sophia. Estab ...   View Online   Down

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AT: Consensus 3. Forecasts Wrong 5. At : USGCRP studies 6. NASA Models 7. NASA Satellites 8. Stopping CO2 Doesn’t Solve 10. SO2 Solves 11. Warming Slow Frontline 13   View Online   Down

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, pentru a puncta fenomenul care iese din spectrul celor cinci simţuri fundamentale cunoscute, acceptate şi studiate acum de oamenii de ştiinţă: auzul, gustul, mirosul, pipă*taa8XAeJNzNCq9MdZ9NeW52bx8dJMnUx10...   View Online   Down

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RISK AND RESPONSE. RICHARD A. POSNER. OXFORD. UNIVERSITY PRESS. 2004 OXFORD. UNIVERSITY PRESS. Oxford New York. Auckland Bangkok Buenos Aires …   View Online   Down

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Indeed, the endogeneity of behavior implies that we can expect to observe two polar types of firm, as described by a variety of authors using different terminologies (e.g. Arygris 1957, 1964; McGregor 1960; Etzioni 1961). Burns and Stalker (1961), for instance, differentiate between “mechanistic” and …   View Online   Down

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This paper sets out a rationale for Mars exploration and uses it to then define recommended elements of the programs: missions, science objectives, technology. That consideration is broader than the immediate issue of recovering from the failures of Mars Climate OrbIter, Mars Polar Lander and the Deep Space 2 microprobes in late 1999.   View Online   Down


XO 12333 violates the 4th Amendment and it is a threat to U.S Democracy. John Napier Tye July 20, 2014. The Washington Post Sunday Every Edition How a Reagan order set the NSA loose OUTLOOK; Pg. B01 TH. In March I received a call from the White House counsel's office regarding a speech I had prepared for my boss at the State Department. XO 12333 - Paper.docx   View Online   Down

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The vast majority of published newspaper reviews in this country are either plagiarisms from the flap copy or the press release. Library and trade reviewing, i. e. Library Journal, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly are the other important reviews outside the field, which strongly influence library distribution.   View Online   Down

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