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Coleridge’s lyricism in Dejection and Ode is reflective rather than inspired. It lacks the quality of rapture. Wordsworth’s command over words is not as astonishing as that of Coleridge. At his best Wordsworth cannot be easily surpassed. Coleridge, however, is a master …   View Online   Down

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The highest ideal is that which is best for the individual and for humanity. How it so happens that what is best for the former is also the best for the latter. It is something like …   View Online   Down

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Excerpts From The Book of Lost Dreams. Recorded by the hand of . Cleric Ilkas Rendeliere. 1. The House of Stars. Berem Elberel, the rightful ruler of Tinuvel, may have been the legitimate child of Matheo Elberel and Seane, his vampire consort, but in truth, he was an arrogant man with a heart of stone. Soul Text 5.doc   View Online   Down

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A. S. Kline © 2012 All Rights Reserved. This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose ...   View Online   Down

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First the Romanians-the 1996 glass had a definite yellow tint to the prisms, the coatings were blue, resolution was excellent 5-6 on the B-2 scale, field 8.3 degrees published, edge to edge sharpness so so, with about 25% rim, close focus 14 feet, the best daytime but in deep shadow performance and the best nitetime, indirect light performance ...   View Online   Down


Specific Heat The quantity of heat needed to raise the temperature of a mass of material as compared with the same amount of water. Specific Width Stock that is ripped to a rough width specified on the route sheet. Used as a dimension part in the furniture being manufactured.   View Online   Down

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The tail of this peak may extend into the window region at the shorter wavelengths. Also in the infrared and far-infrared, normally at wavelengths above 7μm. ... Adequate heat-sinking is required to maintain long life . ... The ends of this narrow active region are also highly polished, or coated with multiple very thin reflective layers to ...   View Online   Down


The heat possessed by atoms on a hot solid surface is entirely in the form of vibrational energy, with the direction of vibration totally random with . no net outward resultant. For heat to be transferred to an air molecule, the molecule must adhere to and vibrate with the hotter surface for some time until it is shaken loose by the vibration.   View Online   Down

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The reference to the shadow that “Sweep[s] o’er the chrystal mirror of the floods” is a comment on the stillness of the water’s reflective surface, but could also be an allusion to the “Claude glass” that picturesque painters and tourists used. of Nature.docx   View Online   Down

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One (1) fixed window with tinted glass shall be provided on each side of the cab, to the rear of the front cab door. The windows shall be sized to enhance light penetration into the cab interior. The windows shall measure 17.50" wide x 21.00" high.   View Online   Down


The large window located at the rear of the private estate, was only slightly ajar, but still managed to let out some of the internal room’s heat-like invisible desert lizards’ tongues, coming to lick his expectant bone-white and scarred and battered face. THE LIVING NIGHTMARE.doc   View Online   Down

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Innumerable schools have mushroomed, where the art is taught and cultivated.Best known among them is the Indian Bonsai association. India has great demand for Bonsai and hotels, homes, garden houses, farm houses, restaurants, guest houses, invariably decorate lobby’s dining halls, drawing rooms with these exotic plants.   View Online   Down

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The side entry door shall be equipped with an 18” x 24” Sliding LIMO-tint safety glass window with built in screen, which complies with FMVSS #205. The side entry door shall have a Zico VS-24-9 retractable step installed for ease of access to curbside door. Bid Specs 1...   View Online   Down

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Sighing, the Grand Duke Jason Augustus Fox Shaddale Karinne, ruler of the recently separated House of Karinne, leaned back in his chair with his elbow on the armrest and his chin VI - Inception by Fel (James...   View Online   Down

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