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audiophile Radio, TV ilə translyasiya edilən, yaxud maqnitofon lentlərinə, videokasetlərə və disklərə yazılmış musiqi verilişlərinin qızğın həvəskarı. Adətən, bu termin klassik (meloman) musiqiyə deyil, müasir elektron musiqisinə pərəstiş edənləri səciyyələndirmək üçün işlədilir.   View Online   Down

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The belt buckle is attached via a cable to a nut which runs on a spindle, translating the electric motor's rotary movement into a linear movement. ... is also visually distinguishable from the Burmester® Surround Sound system by three overhead speakers and special door speaker covers. ... audiophile sound reproduction with no additional ...   View Online   Down


ON WITH the NEW PARADIGM -CENTRAL OFFICE on HUMAN TIME BANKS. EDEN AWAITS . Join us in a New Paradigm of Universal Oneness, Serenity and Prosperity ... CRAMNOTES/5dterra NOTES AUDIO...   View Online   Down

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The speaker designer creates an enclosure designed to deliver a dramatic "thump" right around the frequency cutoff of the speaker. This gives an extended sense of low-end, and it gives a dramatic, focused, powerful-sounding bass that can be very enjoyable to listen to, but it is the kiss of death for reference monitoring. do my recordings sound like ASS.doc   View Online   Down

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The power increases inversely proportional to the speaker impedance to a rating of 120-watts into 2 ohms for those difficult speaker loads. The amplifier can also be bridged for monoblock operation with a mere flick of a switch on the back to further double the power.   View Online   Down

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Code Désignation Famille Libellé Quantité WT-15M8-32-G Cône de découplage + coupelles / Or ATOHM Haut parleur + Electronique 2 T26HP Aigu à dome ATS Haut parleur 2 AM 130 G0 Grave-médium AUDAX Haut parleur 1 AP 100 G0 Grave-médium blindé AUDAX Haut parleur 1 HM 170 G8 Grave-médium AUDAX Haut parleur 2 HM 210 G6 Grave papier traité AUDAX Haut parleur 2 HT 110 G0 …   View Online   Down

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