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G/A (General Arrangement) 일반배치(一般配置)도 Gallery 난간 Galley 조리실,주방(廚房) Galv. (Galvanizing) 아연 도금(亞鉛鍍金) Galvanic Action 전식작용(電蝕作用) Galvanic Corrosion 전기적(電氣的) 부식 Galvanized Steel 아연도강(亞鉛鍍鋼) Gangway 현문(舷門) Gantry Crane 갠트리 크레인 Gap ...   View Online   Down

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[859]As soon as the ship is berthed,you should lower the gangway,stretch a net _____ it,and adjust it to the rise and fall of the tides so that personnel may embark or disembark in safety. A. over   View Online   Down

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Англо-русский. лесотехнический словарь. А. abatement 1. отходы (при раскрое в нужный, размер); стружка; потери древесины при обработке; расчётный …   View Online   Down

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EN 1991–2 Inspection gangway Смотровой проход Проход, обеспечивающий постоянный доступ для осмотра, закрытый для общественного движения. EN 1991–2 Movable inspection platform Подвижная смотровая платформа ...   View Online   Down

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ison Illuminating Co., U.S.A.) 1237 主风道 air trunk 1238 人工通风 artificial ventilation 1239 电枢绕组 armature winding 1240 美国铝业金属公司 ALCOA (= Aluminum Company of America, U.S.A.) 1241 美国土木工程师学会 ASCE (= American Society of Civil Engineers, U.S.A.) 1242 美国空调冷冻工   View Online   Down

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Why is a warning sign displayed at the gangway or access point of a barge during cargo transfer _____. A.To keep visitors away from the barge. ... D.Aluminum and copper alloys are prohibited from being in valve parts in contact with the cargo 第七章 航海技术 .   View Online   Down

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SAN FRANCISCO “If this manual is useful for one more person, then this job has not been in vain”. “Si este Manual es útil para una persona más,   View Online   Down

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prepare the pilot ladder or gangway and take some safety measures. Get the throwing line and life buoy . ready and put them beside the pilot ladder, and. ... ----Deck red is used to paint the deck, green boot topping is used to paint the waterline, hold aluminum is used to. paint the holds. II Reading Aloud.   View Online   Down

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SP 단어찾기, 외국어번역하기 . Word, only, search . 아주좋음 (한국어 없음) 관련 여러복합단어 소리나옴   View Online   Down

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点击页码进入正文 ( 海运动态. 6 【长荣海运计划新增一条太平洋航线】 6 【现代商船变更美东地区合作伙伴】   View Online   Down

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